Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – MARS Comparison Trailer [PS4]

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Das PS4 Remake Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner kommt im September! Im Video seht ihr den Vergleich von Original, HD Edition und MARS, dem neuen Remake.

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  1. Fenrill_Ratz

    Sieht nicht nach einem Remake aus. Eher einem remaster….

  2. Sadness Gear

    this game as multiplayer?

  3. Chris Moore

    What music genre is this? I want to listen to more stuff like this.

  4. Benderman

    Will this version contain the 1st Zone of the Enders or just the 2nd Runner?

  5. Vikings426

    Not that much different and you don't get zone of enders 1 included

  6. stoikr

    Looks and plays great so far. Doesn't reach the originals graphics, even tho the high resolution is awesome… Kojima and his team just made magic happen with the PS2 hardware.

  7. IamSnorlax

    Konami are not getting another penny off of me.

  8. Sam Fisher

    Do you have to have vr or does it have two modes?

  9. David Cristerna

    Jehuty in 1080 p.

  10. Wyatt Epp

    All you've really shown me is the PS2 original still looks pretty good.

  11. Gishathosaurus

    Thing is… will it be at 60 motherfucking frames per second? Unlike the HD edition?

  12. Dark Night


  13. __________

    now i can see green yeller and r.e.d veins on the robot more clearly


  14. ihatevoyager

    barely better. and the ps3 version had zoe 1 also.

  15. El inca catracho

    No veo ninguna diferencia entre los 3

  16. Shadow Heart

    It's like the original is shot underwater.

  17. Marvin Stonefour

    All they did was remake the textures

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