WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY – Welcome to Grymoire!

Explore the beautiful and dark land of Grymoire in this new trailer for World of Final Fantasy, coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on October 25th 2016 in North America and October 28th 2016 in Europe.

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  1. organizationxua

    OH DEAR GOD!!!!!! It's just too CUTE!!!!! (>x<) Aw, I just wanna pinch their cute chubby little chibi cheeks!!!! And seeing Lightning in chibi form with her deep voice is hilarious. This looks so much fun. I can't wait.

  2. Mark Naquin

    Is this on xbox??

  3. Sam Sy

    Co-op-able please 😀

  4. Joshua Solano

    i want .

  5. dfmatos

    why not a pc version? =/

  6. Joel Monserrate

    okay when is this Masterpiece coming out?

  7. nyheen jenkins

    what happen? too busy cumming over this

  8. Daehawk

    Ya know this cutsie widdle stuff is becoming old. We were kids during FF's heydays and now we are all in our 30s and 40s. Why do they keep making it look like its for 5 year olds?

  9. Larry Jackson

    am I the only final fantasy VIII fan

  10. RagnarokDel

    Where's the PC version? Not sure the PS4 can handle this at 30fps.

  11. Matthew Johnson

    i feel like this is liek the wizard of oz of final fantasy lol

  12. John Lindsey

    Is it me or does this look like a big steamy pile of crap?

  13. Floraclaw

    GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! Square for fuck sake just finish FF15 first, then work on this game no one cares about. Fuck! No wonder there is delays!

  14. truth96130

    The be the low specifications of the system is responsible for the cutsy graphics.

  15. truth96130

    I bet the low specifications of the system is responsible for the cutsy graphics.

  16. jon hillman

    This style is so much more appealing to me rather than XV. To me the cast of XV just looks like some awful boy band. This looks like cute little dollies. As long as it doesn't feature turn-based combat, I'm in.

  17. ???

    Chibi Cloud and Chibi Squall? HECK YEAAAAAA

  18. Candy Chan

    I heard the main theme from Final Fantasy III in the background! 😀

  19. darkeye02

    i went to gamestop today and pre-order the game today and pay for it in full i can't wait for this to come out.

  20. MrVince329

    Eternal Winds!?

  21. Liam

    I wonder if all FF are going to make an appearance.

  22. Yuli S.P.

    A message from the future: I want this game on Nintendo Switch

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