See the latest trailer for WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY™ as shown during the Sony Conference from Tokyo Games Show 2015.
The trailer follows the journey of siblings, Reynn and Lann, as they enter the world of Grymoire and encounter a multitude of familiar FINAL FANTASY® characters and monsters.


  1. KelzMassacreMusical

    $&@!%#^* -Barret

  2. Aqua Wolf

    This game looks great. I will be buying this.

  3. LaTerry

    I know a lot of people seem to be put off by the art style, but I'm a fan of it.

  4. Eric Zhang

    Looks alright…

    sees Lightning


  5. ihatevoyager

    only way people will buy this is if they include a KH3 or FF15 demo.

  6. BigBossDae

    what is that song in the start of this trailer from?


    Very nice!

  8. Shaun Dewey

    …the fuck did I just watch?

  9. PlaneswalkerEll

    what's the explanation on the head to body ratio?

  10. Bob Nemel

    Reminds me of Final Fantasy Unlimited.

  11. HotGaming

    How about all the Kingdom Hearts games for the PS4?

  12. OrangeIcePop

    too Kawaii for me

  13. daviddaaannggg

    ughh SE is seeeeriously milking FF to the max. i swear they went for the chibi models bc it's easier to produce. i mean they already have actual models for the characters why do they have to make them even more featureless? world of final fantasy, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, Mobius Final fantasy, Final Fantasy Grandmasters, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper… all petty cash grabs!!

  14. Messias Kauê

    Where's Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue trailer?

  15. Kaiba Yoshiteru

    I dont see why people are complaining about the chibi style in the game. It was said at E3 that this gane is going to be directed toward younger audiences. Not many kids are into final fantasy, so Square needed to make something cute, fun, and easy to play so younger geneeations can get into the final fantasy franchise.

  16. Garrick Borrough

    Morons, you do realize the "chibi" style is in the same vein as character sets for FF 1 to 6, right?
    This is what happens when they're brought into 3D.
    This appeals to actual fans, not whiny brats.

    Final Fantasy being milked? How? It's ALWAYS had spin-offs and one-off titles. Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeons say hi.
    What, you prefer they mask it with something generic like 4 Heroes of Light? The only thing that made that final fantasy was the name, that was true milking.

    If they had polygon Cloud in 7 as a skin available for map movement and showed that, oh, it'd look bad. That's how it originally was. And then people would ignore it being optional. The relevance is that "fans" are stupid, actual fans can appreciate what they're aiming for. We've rarely had talking monsters in Final Fantasy, or even a decent story about them.

    It's just like morons who complain about Explorers. It's the same vein as Crystal Chronicles. People forget that exist, and ignorantly spew hate.

    It's called history. Every game and company has it.

  17. Valtteri Manala

    Looks a lot better than FFXV.

  18. DamuEmran

    I saw Ifrit,Shiva,Rahmu and Cerberus it seems like they bringing out a lot familiar faces to us. Besides famous final fantasy characters like Cloud and Lighting.

  19. Anthony L.

    PSVITA OMG!!!!

  20. Sr DeSilva

    this game would look better on pc in 4k resolution, rather than the weakstation 4.

  21. 1Sandwitch1

    lol….I swear I dont know what SE is thinking anymore

  22. Introspectre

    Please tell me, I'm not the only one who thinks the non-chibi character models look creepy. They remind me of shitty CGI movies that mess up proportions on human characters.

  23. kazameltis

    I wonder what this game is gonna be like. I can't wait so excited. Who knows there might even be FF villains in it.

  24. kazameltis

    To be honest the use of the violin in the music made me almost think of FF XIII. Did you guys get that feeling?

  25. Lâm Kul

    somebody know name of the background song?

  26. Kali Takumi

    Final Fantasy is the "just-one-more-episode-of-Netiflix" of videogames

  27. Jejomar Medina

    I love the chibi Lightning and the Kana Hanazawa character~ <3 I also love the style of the female protagonist. 🙂

  28. BigBossSteve007

    we want Dragon Quest VII & VIII 3DS localise!

  29. Cofolia

    Hope works on Vita TV

  30. Paolo Scoppio

    Is this final fantasy dragon quest monsters? If so I will buy it immediately

  31. Besko

    World of FF, FFXV, Final Fantasy VII Remake… Yup, FF is fine and well.

  32. Oxem RPG

    Why i am here ?

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