WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY – Summon Balthier from FINAL FANTASY XII as a Champion!

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Forget Reynn and Lann, the leading man (according to him, at least) is arriving in WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY! In honor of the upcoming release of FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE, recruit the confident and charismatic sky pirate, Balthier, as a Champion on March 23rd, 2017!
If you’ve installed the latest patch and unlocked the ability to invoke Champions, you will receive Balthier’s Champion Medal once he becomes available on March 23rd.



  1. xxnike629xx

    Is this game even worth buying or should I get other PS4 games??

  2. Dawn Wayfinder

    First Opera Omnia, now WoFF.
    Look who's Mr.Popular. ; )

  3. Baclex

    Didn't know I wanted this until I saw it ^-^

  4. Inbourn

    This is so cool! I hate that XII doesn't get as much attention, when it's actually pretty good, but this is sick! I wouldn't have minded Vaan, but you have to love Balthier's personality. Here's hoping we can get some extra dungeons from other games as well.

  5. catokeeffe

    How much did they pay Gideon Emery to record those two lines I wonder?

  6. Mark MooMoo

    so balthier is…………….leviathan………..?

  7. StrikerJaken

    Always great to see the words "now" and "available on" right next too and contradiciting each other 😉

  8. juliodzulfiqar

    Oh man that wink before the whistle, he is one smooth mofo

  9. xCroftAmbition

    Why Balthier? XII story is about Ashe and her kingdom :/

  10. SpankMyBumAndCallMeDaddy

    By any chance could final fantasy 13 and 13-2 be made back compatible on xbox one? I loved those games and would love to have the opportunity to 100% them all over again.

  11. Ryder Draconis

    I don't care how much Balthier you put in. I'm still not touching this game with a 13-2 foot pole.

  12. wiseguy 26

    I'm glad him and sora are in the game but I beat this game into the ground there's nothing left. Can we get more story dlc where their actually be useful.

  13. Arshana 40

    lol, i read it as Tidus of fates

  14. MegaMagicalMegan

    Super cute.

  15. The Potato of Fire

    MY BOI

  16. Diavol

    Hi, I'd like to inform all of you about an upcoming KH collection with various problems:

  17. Kaisser's Maid Cafe And Knife Sparring Club

    what do they say about the leading man?

  18. Abyss Walker

    ff12 actually has briliant characteristic that cant be found in other ff … kill me if you want, i'll stand on my believe that people who dont understand the characters's depth (except vaan and penelo) are actually didn't pay attention to the dialogues

  19. XGamingStormX

    this game is dead lol

  20. Leon Degrelle

    Please rich Americans leave alone the Final Fantasy 7 and move on. I never asked to live a nightmare.

  21. Lune

    Balthier is my Boyfriend ????

  22. None Ya

    i would love to see the rest of the FFVI cast do their limit breaks in here

  23. Obijuice

    They gave va for him and not for sora ._.

  24. Rodcoluv Marpell

    is this free?? I onlY got sepiroth and other stuffs included from daY one edition. ??

  25. Roxas Shade

    Cool! really wish I could PLAY woff. Bloody chemistry…

  26. Black Blade

    can we get some FF 4 characters now

  27. lil maidree

    MY BABY DADDY he's also on final fantasy tactics psp

  28. TheMaxCloud

    The Garland/Gabranth/Golbez/Exdeath hype is real in me, Heck kefka too…
    Golbez is the more probable to appear, he is actually a good guy

  29. darkloid 03

    The leading man gets his dlc

  30. Dravity

    "Let me show you how its done." ?

  31. Settowin

    great game, i loved it as a fan of final fantasy. just sad how square-enix ignored the game and never created dlc's for it besides this and sora and those overpriced recolored versions of in game existing monsters!

  32. Daniel Zuk

    He is my fav character from 12

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