World of Final Fantasy – Sephiroth Summon Pre-Order DLC Preview

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Sephiroth, the One Winged Angel is a champion summon in World of Final Fantasy! Watch him summon Meteor to decimate his foes but at least this time he’ll be using it to help our heroes Reynn and Lann.

Pre-order World of Final Fantasy at PS Store to get the Sephiroth summon, 3 extra Mirages & the Japanese VO pack!

Pre-Order the Collector’s Edition at the Square Enix Online store for an exciting sweesptakes!

Get the CE here:
Rules to Sweepstakes here :


  1. Timothy Norris

    awww little Sephi

  2. SylverDrawer

    I can't take him seriously when he looks like that…

  3. XenoAlbedo

    Okay, I have to wonder what Supernova is going to look like in the FF7 remake now.

  4. 0ion

    This just reminds me that sometime soon we'll get to see the FF7 Remake version of Sephiroth. Much hype!

  5. Dragoner Productions

    not really a preview since that's his full summon cutcene…

  6. Mike The BeanFox

    in the original Final Fantasy VII, he creeps me out! but in World of Final Fantasy, he CUTES me out!

  7. T Sampson

    Disappointed that this isn't the same song that plays when you summon him.

  8. The Cat Who Saw You Naked

    Is there any way to get Sephiroth summon if I don't preorder? I guess not. I want to buy a PS4 mostly because of this game in November, but I think I missed the preorder period already :/

    Oh well, that at least means the game is out or will be out soon.

  9. ItsDaKoolaidDude

    And now I can't take World of Final Fantasy serious anymore.

  10. illahstrait


  11. Robert Cajucom

    Advent children 4 life

  12. Shion Farron

    anyone else have an issue with the fact that u got your sephiroth dlc use it and all and then it just dissappers i at the area where u meet tifa and rydia so i have legit got my seph summon but now he is gone (sdasdasfasf) it was my reason for pre-ordering so its kinda irritating (tho i hear u can get it from the coliseum but cant find anything else on that option so far)

  13. KCZuka

    Imagine if when the FF7 remake is released, everyone is chibi

  14. minimau53


  15. Billionare Boy

    awww sephy has no voice…boo..he could had said something epic

  16. DigitsCorner

    help i got the day 1 edition it came with tonberry coliseum ticket the other ticket a chocobo and sephiroth but sephiroth is not in my inventory

  17. Blade_EXE_67™

    Oh my god he is so adorab- OH SH**!! °O°'

  18. BertzTriscut

    It gets better every time.

  19. Sonic Speed News

    Oh yeah, he's so intimidating now xD. "Fear me, I will never be memory." Lmao

  20. Potidaon

    I like how it says preview, even though they showed the entire thing. It's only missing the in-game sound.

  21. vic phua

    its hard to act like a badass……hard to look at him like he's a bad ass…….when he doesn't LOOK like a badass……….

  22. Griffon

    "Good to see you're as adorable as I am…Cloud."

  23. GrahamChapman

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: The Destroyer of Worlds! The Killer of Maidens! The Son of the Calamity From the Skies! SEPHY-CHAN!

  24. Captain Valourous

    the cuteness ITS….. TO…..MUCH TO HANDLE!!

  25. HeirAPPARENT310

    This makes up for Advent Children.

  26. Rin Okumura

    Trying to be edgy eh…

  27. Immortal -SIN_21

    how do you even Access the DLC for this game?

  28. Aranur

    he's so adorable. I want him now

  29. Karim69i


  30. Lincoln Abernathy


  31. Stephanie Young

    Those deep mellow tones better not come out of that mouth.

  32. Tabula Rasa

    And now people can finally be justified gushing about how cute he is.

  33. Carlos Gallon

    Help! I feel like this whole animation minus the Chibi part was taken from another game but I can't think of it. I see the fire at Nibelhiem from Crisis Core but the prayer for Supernova with the white writings, where is it from? And when he returns his hand and wing?

  34. Greenedge

    I just got done with a quest in World of Final Fantasy where the twins and Tama are talking about him. "Who's this silver haired person Cloud's after?" followed by "Maybe one day you will meet him in an expansi…OOPS NEVERMIND." Sephiroth for dlc boss hopefully.

  35. TIsaacs

    "Is this the pain you felt before, [your name here]? Let me remind you. This time you won't forget."

  36. Maria M

    Evil never looked this cute ?

  37. Harold Quintos

    Why the fuck every thing that sephiroth do are badass?

  38. Chrochet Fan

    I hope this DLC makes it into the Original game, because we didn't see Day One Edition in stores and I wasn't their with my mom and they were Christmas Shopping.

  39. Stuart Hammick

    ok I need some help I got the day one edition do I need to do anything else in order to get this summon as it looks great.

  40. Adrian Rodrigo Palafox Nogales

    all that shit, and it only does damage to a single enemy

  41. FrenchisDealer

    I am SO glad that I preordered this

  42. Steven Mathews

    He's too cute to be evil!

  43. Kelsey Curles

    Cutest evil ever.

  44. Yume Gabbi

    Awawawawawawa! Sephiroth Such a Cute Thing!

  45. R_.N.C Markthegod

    Can you make this game mobile

  46. 傭兵Cloud

    I'll hunt you down forever, sephiroth!

  47. Noah Nuñez

    I just realized sepheroth is the only chibi in the world of final fantasy with fingers. ?

  48. RetroBoi

    I need a figurine of him, NOW!

  49. Pipsqueak Tic

    When it shows his feet while landing, I lose my mind. I love his little feet, they're so cute!

  50. Eason Lucis Caelum


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