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Embark on a magical journey with siblings Reynn and Lann as they explore the vast land of Grymoire to rediscover their past and save the future. WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY is coming to Steam on November 21st. Check out the Day One Edition!

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  1. DarkAnima

    Better than ffxv ?

  2. Michael Vuong

    And I was about to buy a PS4 just for this. Whew!

  3. Rafael N M

    Available for a limited time? What is that?!

  4. Daniel Reyes

    Oh yes that's great news. Thank You SE!

  5. banditopants

    What's the song at 1:18? I know it's in other games.

  6. NuDimon

    I didn't get around getting for PS4 yet, guess I might opt for this version instead.

  7. Bruva Galathos

    Calling it now: It's gonna need a crossover on Steam, be it TF2 hats or cameos from Devolver Digital.

    Sure, some would disagree with having third party characters in Final Fantasy, but you have to remember that the game's already been played to death on consoles; incentive is needed for people to purchase the game a second time.

  8. Desenons

    Thanks SE for this release. It would be nice to see on the PC platform other yours series such as Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts.

  9. The Demon Mercenary 03

    i will replay it

  10. Thyrael

    The best FF that came out in the past few years <3 We want more like this Square! Not dlc-Fantasy 🙁

  11. Autumn Lily

    Man I already have it on my PS Vita, not sure if it's worth spending more money for the PC version. Already gonna get XV for PC and that's gonna take up soooo much space.

  12. Pervy

    Dissidia pc pls!

  13. David Raygoza

    FF XII when? Should I already lose hope at this point since every other mainline FF game except FF I and II have released or will be released on PC? There's some exclusivity bs going on here.

  14. Cujo742


  15. WarBoy

    Prepare your ass for microtransactions!!!

  16. Alan Paes

    GG! 😀

  17. Tomokat

    I'm all for a return to the series' cutesy oddball roots (see: Moogles, Moombas, crossdressing missions, all the cute and/or funny bits lost as the series went too serious) but why is this just stackable Pokemon?

  18. Dikka Do

    Can we get Dragon Quest main series for the PC too? And don't forget the Kingdom Hearts!!!
    My only reason to buy PS4 is Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3 (still waiting) and Dragon Quest XI (well, still waiting too for english version).

  19. 19HajimeSaitou91


  20. Haido3D

    At first, I never thought I'd cry in such game. Eventually, I SHED TEARS!! AHHH THE GREATEST

  21. Rubiyanto Ryubi

    wow, i hope the spek isn't hight

  22. ErihanBlank

    I'd like the 4 heroes of light to get some acknowledgement too, it would be nice to see Brandt in dissidia like they're adding Ramza

  23. Rise and Shine

    I thought superdeformed style died in the 90s

  24. FantasyNero

    Thank you so much Square Enix Love your games so much
    Now please make DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT & Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age – Announcement for PC
    Also kingdom hearts HD 1.5 – 2.5 – 2.8 – 3 for PC
    PLEASE Make it

  25. FantasyNero

    We Want World of Final Fantasy 2 Make The Characters has human form not mini also make the action better look at FFIX & FFX has great effects and actions please make it

  26. Angel Diaz

    "Available only for a limited time?" Tell me that's the Day One version

  27. Angel Diaz

    No price is on the steam stor rn. Kind of annoying…..

    also, Bring Kingdom Hearts III to the Steam! Hell, bring the whole existing ps4 series also

  28. Angie Chong

    Amazing and soooo beautiful!!I'm a KH, FF fan too. So glad it's out on PC now

  29. Shade's Insane Chamber

    Heh, was NOT expecting this!
    Yes, More FF needs to be on PC! ;D

  30. Shura Valentine

    wawawawawa :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD cute!!!

  31. Lasmini Lasmini


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