World of Final Fantasy – PAX 2016 Trailer

At our PAX West panel with Director Chiba-san we gave a sneak peek of some never before seen anime cut scene action in World of Final Fantasy! Stay tuned for more World of Final Fantasy news!
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  1. mighty n n

    i love it since the first time i have seen it

  2. A Google User

    post YFW this outsells FF:XV

  3. TakCWAL

    This trailer looks so sickening sweet, I am getting diabetes just from watching it…

  4. Rehinoi Ritohha

    is they made an anime too,look scene for that.

  5. Atikur Rahman

    Music is so beautiful….. So hard to decide between this and The last guardian 🙁

  6. Allan Ambriz Valdez

    WTF TRAILER!!!!!!

  7. aquapyro1

    ill bet you 5 bucks theyll be in Rapunzel's world in Kingdom Hearts 3

  8. Matteso586

    World of Final Fantasy is getting its own anime series too?

  9. shdwboi07

    Practically every other comment is "looks better than XV" lol I can't even take comment sections seriously anymore.

  10. RandomAvulnine

    I am SO getting this for my Vita! Cute FF everywhere I go!!! Can't wait 😀

  11. Xue Thao

    So World of Final Fantasy, Record keeper, Brave Exvius, Mobius, Dissidia, and Theathrythm…all of them had all the characters come together except for noctis…so noctis will be dlc?

  12. BeigomaStudios053

    anyone know the background music?

  13. Arvis_Jaggamar

    Is that the same singer from the Steins;Gate opening theme?

  14. Adina Sayson

    lemme know when it's on steam

  15. Vesu♏Ωn

    Anyone know the name of the song being played in this trailer?

  16. Maki Ruby Rose

    I'm more excited for this than I thought I would be for a cutesy game

  17. Player Name

    hoping zidane and dagger to be in the game I wanna see daggers reactions when zidane tries to flirt with the sister

  18. Patty

    Super excited for this! I love the chibi/anime style.

  19. Kyo Mebi

    Love the Japanese music

  20. Ice Eul Guinsoo

    you know this game is gonna be awesome when in japanese dub, Akame is Reynn, Tatsumi is Lann, and Seryu Uquibitos is Enna Kros

  21. HitsujiMamoru

    I know the Japanese VO is available, but will the opening song stay unchanged or will they anglicized it like the Kingdom Hearts game, and plenty other FF before that?… Hopefully we'll keep the option to have both!

  22. ᴋɪᴢᴢʏ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍꜱ

    It seems that the twins are Roxas and Namine children… that blonde hair and blue eyes xD

  23. Wolvenworks

    zomg anime chibi Cloud? i'm sold

  24. Jonathan Bourdeau

    This trailer got me to buy this game. Worth it!!!

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