WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY – Explore the magical world of Grymoire!

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Embark on a magical journey with siblings Reynn and Lann as they explore the vast land of Grymoire to rediscover their past and save the future.
WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on October 28th 2016 in Europe and October 25th 2016 in North America.


  1. Light Higari

    Pokemon: Final Fantasy Edition.

  2. Blind

    if this was released on mobile I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I want final pokèfantasy 7!

  3. Darkme

    PC port please

  4. rob19ny

    0:07 Damn high wind resistant skirt.

  5. Zalibidas

    Good to see Vita getting another title.

  6. Squelch Squad

    shhh dont tell me I already preordered it and im just bout to play the fuck out of it

  7. Alex Smith

    Will Ultros make a cameo??

  8. Garou

    Disney presents: Final Fantasy

  9. Trouserwitz -

    I thought this was going to be co-op. Did I read that in a fever dream, or did they change that over time?

  10. Help Me Relax

    the boy character in this game has a very familiar looking haircut. light and fluffy just like a cloud ?

  11. melmelmog


  12. LTLTY

    that's vita goty 100%

  13. darksquirrel409

    pre ordered my day one edition earlier today ^_^ Sephiroth, here I come!

  14. Anne Brückler

    2 more days to go before it's released in Europe! I can't wait, this is gonna be awesome. <3

  15. James Smith

    i'm planning on getting it this weekend and start enjoying it

  16. BerserkerZ

    Parece jogo de mongolóide.
    Não honra o FF classico.

  17. Tekoa Denomie

    I wonder if this game will be worth it? Currently platinum the dark souls games. But Final Fantasy is where my childhood is so I hope this game is fun:)

  18. SaltyBeachWater 2721

    this semmes like a anime

  19. DarkSonic377

    Man, can't wait for Cactuar.

  20. Shinku

    caugh roxas reskined

  21. nur heart

    is there a game of it

  22. for irony's sake

    cough twewy sequel

  23. Planku-Kun.

    Why am I getting a kingdom hearts vibe from this

  24. Marciano Garza

    guys pick an art style and stick with it, I am struggling to find the artistic cohesion.

  25. Erika R Perez

    why did this reminded me of kingdom hearts?

  26. Most Morose

    Fuck it's only for Playstation 🙁

  27. Bryce Rivers


  28. starshooter x

    It's like the battle houses stacker battles? rusty would be so excited

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