World of Final Fantasy E3 2016 Trailer

World of Final Fantasy is coming to PS4 & PS Vita on October 25th (NA) and October 28th (EU), 2016!
Watch the new trailer and meet familiar Final Fantasy faces in the world of Grimoire.
Lead the twins Lann and Reynn on their journey to rediscover their lost memories and save the world of Grimoire from peril as they band together with familiar faces from the Final Fantasy franchise in an epic and adorable adventure for a new generation of players!

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  1. Dennis Livingston

    I'm digging it.

  2. mogar2813

    0:29 Is that Mordin Solus?

  3. Michael Koontz

    i get a saga frontier feel from this game

  4. Ryan Showalter

    funko pop is pleased with this

  5. Nocturne Ray

    nope, i don't like the super doper chibis 🙁
    sadly i will pass….

  6. Tek_Lynx

    Good job at ruining all your old IP's square.
    You are seriously out of touch with your orginal fanbase.

  7. GuyverU01

    Oh gawd. That cactuar. I'm getting this game JUST for that cactuar.

  8. makorufus

    The dumbest ideas ever… shitty…

  9. Ren Cen

    Why most of them are chibli but two of them are not?

  10. Caradhina

    It's like Square got tired of working with Disney and decided to make their own Kingdom Hearts exclusively with FF characters.

  11. Two49

    Why are they sometimes chibis and sometimes not?

  12. Chris G

    IS there a way to turn big head mode off?

  13. Suban Vang

    awesome. also looks like something that came out of a kingdom hearts story.

  14. PretzelDude

    I think I just vomited a little… But who knows, maybe this will happily shock me.

  15. Jessie James

    I don't like the little people. I wont be buying this game.

  16. Max Frost

    who the hell thought this would be a good idea?

  17. kingthe13

    it's adorable………I don't know if it will be any good but if it is then woo yeah I want it for the cuteness

  18. Jhett Magnum

    So is this some kind of kingdom hearts equivalent? I like the idea but they should have done the entire in one style. This chibi stuff seems so out of place.

  19. gaahinalover

    World Of Final Fantasy=Many Final Fantasy Games + Kingdom Hearts + Himouto! Umaru-chan.

  20. Funkhojo

    "As far as I can tell you've lost everything :3"

  21. Lauren Bauman

    still don't understand the fucking story…

  22. Jackal Strife

    I'm glad Steve Burton is Cloud again. ♥_♥

  23. Romey Rome

    The main male character looks just like Roxas frfr

  24. ParryTFronters

    So… A Final Fantasy POP figuring game???

  25. X_ Lightning _X

    I hope it will be available in the App Store too :3

  26. Pinki L

    I'm so confused right now….

  27. Foxbeastking

    i wish they would make this game for cell phone's

  28. Mahammad Albarrrak

    Hype intensifies

  29. zerozano

    I can't take this seriously lol. Due to them trying to act serious but are in chibi form.

  30. WolfysEyes

    Shit lost at chibi Edgar and chibi Celes.

  31. Jahi Palmer

    Ordered the Collectors' Edition SO hardcore…

  32. Anonymous of Holland

    >MULTIPLE PEOPLE actually got PAID to do this horrible fucking voice acting

  33. GuyUWishUWere

    I'd be more negative about this, but I really wanna see chibi Auron, Jecht, Sephiroth, etc EXPECT to be taken seriously in that form.

  34. white angel

    jeje looks like KINGDOM HEARTHS the graffics and everything about the game

  35. Tommi Koistinen

    What a waste of name "World of Final Fantasy".

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