WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY – Cinematic Anime Opening

Two twins journey to a mysterious world to rediscover their lost memories. In this peculiar place, where stacking things on one’s head is perfectly normal, the young Mirage Keepers will encounter new friends and familiar FINAL FANTASY heroes as they learn the truth about their past.

This video showcases the all new anime art style that appears during some of the game’s cutscenes!

WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY comes out October 25, 2016 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Pre-order now to secure the Day One Sepiroth Summon and original Japanese VO!


  1. Doodle Cat

    The music though is so pretty

  2. angesunique974

    beautiful music

  3. Kaarina Polly

    This reminds me so much of kingdom hearts!

  4. Elsa Sanchez

    this would be a cool anime just saying

  5. Vanillra

    What's the name of the song playing in the background?

  6. Mythical Motionless

    I like that song :3

  7. Luvky Chan

    i luv this song even tho idk da lyrics like da meaning but idc its a really beautiful song i just luv it

  8. Ong I

    Does this great song have a name?

  9. SubjectULTIMA

    they're all SOOOOOO cute in their chiba forms!! 😀

  10. Raxes !

    Can someone tell how to unlock this intro.

  11. okabe rintarou

    …..Talk about a BIG surprise regarding the quality of this game, my god, THAT was unexpected.

  12. Ihasthumbs gamingcc

    I want this game so much!!!!!! And the music so good even though I couldn't understand it

  13. Cooper Wood

    song name pls b0ss

  14. sebomba

    I'm more interested in an anime than in the game itself.

  15. Tomas Prado

    Is noctis from Final Fantasy 15 in it

  16. thebeatoftheangels

    Of all of them tidus is still the only one who keeps smiling even when facing an impossible enemy, maybe this means he's the more free spirited one

  17. Jakazin

    FUCKING CHILLS, it's too good

  18. Sensei Llama

    That music is so relaxing… is there a download?

  19. Jim Dog

    r you sure there even twins they look more like neighbors also this game looks fucking messed up

  20. Greatest Ever

    Dear enix. im keeping the s cause your customer service Sucks. Said everyone ever,

  21. R★ZER

    I wish someone would map this for Osu!

  22. Anthony Lockheart

    hopefully sepiroth summon becomes dlc later so he won't be pre order only I missed out

  23. Ar Lew

    Square Enix knows that Cloud, Squall, Tidus, and Lightning have basically become the definitive FF protagonists

  24. Al Dakota

    Its a shame that the sword attack does nothing to the ultima weapon in game

  25. LA Victa

    Ultima Weapon: I'm bullied by your heroes

  26. Vincent Lee

    Seriously…. If I say this song is not really match with the anime, does anyone object?

  27. I sweat on Xbox

    I wonder if ninatic approved about this new generation of Pokémon

  28. TheJRPGPro

    That fox transforming
    what was that all about?

  29. Gentleman I

    this is one of the best openings ive ever seen, even better than Tales of phantasia. AMAZING, and the game,,, (just bought it physically for the switch) is an amazing mix between pokemon, final fantasy and kingdom hearts, and yes, picking the best of each saga

  30. Kasane-P

    I LOVE how there was a smooth transition between anime and animated.

  31. Kasane-P

    This is a better game than Pokemon.

  32. tranz2deep

    That last scene… that bridge and castle seem awfully evocative of the very first Final Fantasy game.

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