WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY – Anti-Stacker Commercial

When the Anti-Stacker sees a stack, he is irresistibly compelled to topple it. Don’t be like him! In WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, stacking Mirages on your head (or stacking yourself on a larger Mirage’s head!) is the way to get stronger and gain more powerful abilities! Stacking is the key to success!

Capture, evolve, and stack Mirages in the all new FINAL FANTASY adventure!
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  1. Abdel Hassan

    A japanese commercial outside of japan.

  2. M'asuda the Liar

    Literally who?

  3. karnovrpg


  4. Pressing X

    Very creative commercial! Not sure if it's the best way to advertise to people who don't own the game yet though. Waiting to show actual gameplay for 40 seconds is an interesting move.

  5. Albireo

    nice oldschool commercial that has nothing to do with the game 😀

  6. Dane David

    Square's marketing department should know that they shouldnt "Japan" stuff up outside japan

  7. niwaar

    No, just no…

  8. Wija

    US trying to win against Japan and France on horrible commercial ideas. This was a good try! Good job!

  9. Light Kikib

    The development hell of FFXV is finally over, and Square are losing their minds (once again.)

  10. narutodssunny

    I love this ad

  11. itsMARTIKAI

    hope this game gets a sequel

  12. Michael Vuong

    Of all the good commercial ideas, how did the marketing department ever get this drafted, approved, budgeted, and hired for such a pointless commercial?

  13. Pzafrk

    So this guy has an anti-stacking fetish?

  14. ItachiFan137

    this is not how you advertise a great game…

  15. MegaMagicalMegan

    Lol whaaaaat

  16. Marcy Adoulin

    Is it bad that I enjoyed this…? No. No it isn't.

  17. zetaro05

    whoa where did that booming voice came from

  18. solace

    This is how they're representing the game!? That's terrible! I bought it on cuteness alone and I'm loving it! It didn't deserve this. 🙁

  19. Teknoman

    I think a better commercial would've had 3 people stacked on each other, completing tasks that one person couldnt handle alone. Then maybe end with some CG monsters from the game encountering them. Battle music kicks in, show scenes from the game, title card shot, done.

  20. Alstraza Polazzo

    NA always has shit commercials

  21. J Perkins

    The stacking mechanic is one of the reasons I'm hesitant to buy this. It just looks awkward and this video made it look even more awkward. :-/

  22. Moises Corral

    …Almost as random as an old Sega commercial.

  23. Lee Crawford

    OH THAT WAS AWESOME in a wondering confusing slightly scary way ?

  24. leftymu

    Ok it wasn't that bad.

  25. Igari

    Ahah that was hilariously cute! I love how at the end they defeated him, got him in the party and stacked him to do even more stacking! It really fits with the mood of the game.

  26. TallulahSoie

    Promising game ruined by stupid chibi characters. They're chibi because it's cheap and easy to mass produce dlc characters. SquareEnix has really lost their way.

  27. The Gaming Gengar

    Someday I hope to work for square enix and share my ideas with them. I hope I can make that dream come true.

  28. Richard Kira

    😀 PS VITA

  29. Dracardoe

    wtf is this?
    what grown adult thought this was a good idea?

  30. Perbox


  31. CourtesyNod

    this game looks interesting but the voice acting is making me cringe hardcore. someone tell me it's not this bad in-game. I want to try it.

  32. notcarolkaye

    You made crying children funny. Well done.

  33. Jabbitykak

    I really like the music to this commercial; anyone know what it's called?

  34. SomePkmn-LovingDude

    Thumbs up if you thought this was an Angry Birds commercial.

  35. Dominic

    What song is this

  36. PINKY Zz

    0:48 Best part of the commercial song

  37. Street Drive 420


  38. symphony heart


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