Go behind the scenes of THE QUIET MAN™. This in-depth look behind the making of the game explores the initial conception, the various themes players will uncover and the unique sound direction process in a ‘soundless’ game experience. Featuring contributions from acclaimed writer Joe Kelly (Man of Action Studios) and internationally renowned songwriter, producer and performer Imogen Heap.

THE QUIET MAN™ will be available as a digital-only title on PlayStation®4 and STEAM®.from November 1st, 2018!

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  1. awesomejf03

    We don't know who he is because he's too quiet.

  2. Joseph Stalin

    Someone who doesn’t talk or makes a sound

  3. Katakuri Fan

    Game is way too short and no replay ability factor

  4. Chicken Permission The shaved

    Those throwaway english subtitles…

  5. TheTacoMan94

    This looks good!!

  6. chekab nora

    Est un film d'action,
    est raconte une histoire, sur un jeune Adolescent de 15 Ans,
    Trés bon films en vue des éxtraits.
    Et Violent, ceux films m'intérrésserais vraiment à le voire.
    Merçi, pour cette Chaîne, Youtube.

  7. Matte Crystal

    the mixing of live action and full game cg is what's going to ruin this game. It's like anime that tries to mix cg. it's crappy and doesn't work. but if you stuck to keeping the entire anime cg at least you won't be disgusted each time it switches.

  8. Mirror Blade

    Why is square funding this crap no one asked for instead of more star ocean, or newer things in the vein of what square owns its fame too…

  9. siekensou77

    Screams The Bouncer.. Can that get a remaster? hd upgrade?

  10. PPF Gamer

    I will make sure to see where this goes left a like

  11. Kiri霧


  12. Jazneo Gaming

    i wait when it discount price

  13. IrgendwieCharmant

    This fucking dude, you know, just, you know, won't shut up. You know, like, you know, please just keep it, you know, quiet. Why do you, you know, keep saying "you know" like, you know, an idiot?

  14. Zane Oneiros

    New Chrono game or IDGAF!

  15. Zane Oneiros

    New Chrono Game or GTFO!

  16. Spike294

    Getting it immediately, really excited for it. Seems like the way to do "cinematic experience"- short and sweet. Super cool idea and who doesn't love a good combat system?

  17. xxnike629xx

    I'm excited for this.

    Honestly, I have to agree that gaming isn't just a childish, toy or something meant for mindless fun for teens and young adults.
    Personally, I enjoy those kinds of games too along with the FPS games, fighting games, etc.
    But video games can and is (in my opinion) an expression of art that is done through interactive means.

    With a book, you're reading.
    With a movie, you're watching.
    But with video games you're constantly reading, processing, watching, and planning what your next moves will be.
    I think mentally speaking at least, videogames are much more beneficial and engaging towards one's mental health.
    On top of that, it's more fun than just sitting around and staring at a screen or sitting and reading books.

  18. MarluxiaVI

    I will admit the game has me slightly intrigued, just by how it flows (between live and cgi) and eventually ties together

  19. true Venett

    Cinematic experience O.o.
    Reminds me of the order 1886 game lol

  20. Erick Renan

    Square enix you Final Fantasy VIII MOBILE PLEASE??

  21. Lightning H8

    Today's the day

  22. Omar Ordonez

    No physical NO BUY

  23. OuhPii

    To be brutally honest, the game starts super super boring and cheesy …but dat PayOff is absolutely worth the wait O.O

    Check it out! (…you won't regret it)

  24. FKnFREAK

    WTF is this garbage …. I can't believe you are charging people for this .. If I got this as a mobile game for free I would be pissed.. The combat sucks and why would you have a mostly cinematic game with no sound ( besides Wo wo wo wo wo )?…. Was this team huffing gas while they made it? That's what it sounds like ..The character almost looks good if he wasn't running around at super speed jittering all over the place like he just did a line of meth off of a glitch mirror …I should be dragged behind a horse from Red Dead Redemption 2 and shot in the head with a watermelon cannon while being raped by a pigeon for paying for this disaster of a cluster fuck…. Jesus Christ ..This is the worst game I have ever bought BY FAR!!! and I FINISHED KNACK!!!!!

  25. Dylan Bias

    lol this made the show floor on E3

  26. E1V1A

    Shit game. Waste of money. Do not buy.

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