Various Daylife Launch Trailer

Various Daylife is now available exclusively on Apple Arcade!
For more information, please visit:

Developed by the creators behind Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default, Various Daylife is a new simulation RPG that transports players to the mysterious continent of Antoecia, where they must band together with fellow new arrivals to explore the land in order to expand and develop their settlement. Players can choose from over 20 jobs, and embark on expeditions with computer-controlled allies to uncover the land’s secrets and reap valuable rewards.


  1. Tyler Kolb

    Why the hell would you make this an apple exclusive??

  2. Joey Cruz

    Really wish for a third bravely default game! could be called bravely third

  3. Kascene2012

    From the makers of Infinite Undiscovery, and Bravely Default we put two more unrelated words together to bring you Various Daylife™!

  4. Laughing Octopus

    it's missing a specific game mechanic that would make a game about colonization Perfect

  5. Ryu E

    I already have a hard life lol don’t need another one

  6. Bendu Brian


  7. AtarashiiBlog

    Tried the game with the 1 month trial Apple Arcade. It's cute, easy to play, wish you have more customization.

  8. katasiapa

    How much money has apple pay you?

  9. TallulahSoie

    I'm sure SquareEnix's SJW department censored this, too.

  10. Prince Cookie

    Put it on android

  11. MoiMeme


  12. NewTable

    Come on Square, you're better than this…
    I'm not mad at you, I'm disappointed.

  13. Josue Cordero

    Port this to a platform where someone could actually play it.

  14. Myrty


  15. Sleepingmonster

    What's an Apple Arcade?

  16. Brandon Stinson

    Might have played it if it wasn't on Apple Arcade.

  17. Rob

    Japanese using English words incongruently. Square Enix is king.

  18. Commander Lichking

    Bring Chaos Rings Collection to Switch.

  19. Skyler de Leon

    I really can't bring myself to understand why would they choose to make this game for mobile.

  20. Handsome Vulture

    Urgh, this sort of thing should be purchasable on Switch / other consoles. What the trailer doesn’t tell you is that it’s a look into gaming’s dark subscriptions & exclusives future.

  21. Hadi Ali

    Only good game on apple arcade

  22. juas juasi

    They delayed Bravely Third for this. The official BD twitter confirms this

  23. El Indigeno

    Wow! I just finished playing Episode 1 of "Life is Strange 2." Let me first say that I was not a fan of the first one. Too slow, I didn't really want to control someone that can rewind time, but "life is strange 2." It is amazing so far! Please keep future "Life of Strange" titles like this one.

  24. belias360

    Um…can I just have Bravely Third instead ?

  25. Spicy Cheetoz

    Add dual pistols to just cause 4

  26. James Blas


  27. Umbra Deus

    Looks boring AF… luckily its on iCrap. Hope to never see this on android… kind of sick and tired of seeing auto play games.

  28. raeyo molera

    Holy shit i'm excited lmfao

  29. Nicolas Cruz

    Final Fantasy please, I don’t want another job

  30. kidrobot

    android playstore when?

  31. black neon dragon born

    They should remaster all the drakengards

  32. Laura Sutterfield

    Everyone here begging for Bravely Third: they did release it, it's called Octopath Traveler

  33. Steven Lang

    I cannot think of a more uninspiring title

  34. cody franczak

    Anyone feel etrian odyssey vibes from the combat system?

  35. SeaOtterKing

    "Apple Arcade"

    Yeah, good luck with your rental only plan. Next time, make a game I can buy.

  36. Maniac536

    Id rather just buy this

  37. Elvin Mateo

    SQUARE!!!! PLZ DO PARASITE EVE 1 + 2 REMAKE AND REMASTER!!!!! PLZZZZZZ D: but with new enemies and spells and abilities plz, like a lot. you can do so much with that game =/ it could be the resident evil of sci fi giant underground secret military projects….. but with spells! and mutated creatures! (and plz dont just make rats and bunnies >_< like go crazy! I liked the weird brownish creatures that shot laser energies, and the cyborgs were cool, but come on >_< lets see some mutated dinosaurs and entities from like an energy dimension or some weird stuff like that u know???? plz plz plz!!!!!! =]

  38. LV 7

    SE bring Kingdom Hearts to Nintendo Switch!

  39. glass9158's channel and stuff

    Mario Frigo should return in Just Cause 5 when it's coming out.

  40. Chrono

    Been playing this game it’s a lot of fun not sure how to get the tents tho

  41. Hanif Mazlan

    Game suggestion: solo player story isekai mmorpg anime style game


    OST released When?

  43. issamemariheaux

    Really, Square Enix?

  44. André Raone

    Vejam esse plágio

  45. Vilma Gonzalez

    Hey Square Enix pepole my name is Julio and let me just tell you that My frend Briana is an honor to join you guys in FF7R, I am so proud if her, you know I wish I got an oportunity like that, say "Hi " to Briana for me 🙂

  46. Inachu Ikimasho

    Part 2 is various nightlife. Then various fog life and then various hangover life. Then comes out in 2022 Various Drunk life.

  47. ABXY

    i really hope they port this to android

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