VARIOUS DAYLIFE | Gameplay Introduction Trailer

VARIOUS DAYLIFE is now available exclusively on Apple Arcade!
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Developed by the creators behind Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default, VARIOUS DAYLIFE is a new simulation RPG that transports players to the mysterious continent of Antoecia, where they must band together with fellow new arrivals to explore the land in order to expand and develop their settlement. Players can choose from over 20 jobs, and embark on expeditions with computer-controlled allies to uncover the land’s secrets and reap valuable rewards.


  1. Prince Cookie

    Please put it on android I'll pay

  2. P33b4Ugo5omwh3r3

    Or get a job in real life and get pain for it, lmao

  3. Nekko Blue

    bow girl kinda cute ?

  4. Teshigi Smith

    Looks a bit like Octopath with the overdone deph of field and all. God that hurts my eyes to look at. Game looks much better when they are out in the wilderness but in town it looks rough with certain things looking in focus while others are way too out of focus. And that flying creature looked like it was moving at 5 frames per second…

  5. SetThoseDucksFree

    I tried to play it both on Mac and iPhone. I really wanted to enjoy it. 
    The biggest gripe I had is the font size on every platform. The font is both small and thin which makes it at times impossible to read. Even on Mac.
    They got a new update that reduces the install size and loading times but… Seems they won’t touch the UI.
    The battle system forces to experiment which is fun at first, you lock a powerful pattern, then it’s the only pattern you use until it is not effective anymore. Until it felt like a chore.

  6. David Diaz

    This looks terrible, I already work in real life lol. Another uninspiring game

  7. Bathory Blaze

    Square must have paid people to put likes and positive comments on this.

  8. laharl sama

    This is low key Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists.

  9. The Bipman

    Game title sucks

  10. Mihai D

    Is it full VA? How is the soundtrack? Without these anything else is mundane.

  11. David Rasberry

    Waiting for sinoalice global update

  12. Marcus

    Would love to play this on Switch. But it will be a cold day in Hell before I subscribe to Apple Arcade…

  13. Vagabond Von

    You had me until the first person combat

  14. AngelOfChaos32

    I have to say I'm really liking the look of this game. Beside the soft spot I have for investing and leveling up facilities for a base/town I'm really liking the idea getting work to gain new jobs, gaining employment to unlock new job/classes, I can see it working for a modern day RPG as well.

  15. Umbra Deus

    Why not have it auto attack and auto allocate skills and auto level up… seems thats the type of mobile games SE is after.. why not make a CR4 for PC and Console… or maybe work on a nee Drakengard are FF…

  16. Tumult

    I love the idea of this entirely. The font looks like the Bravely Default font which took me by surprise. I like this idea, feels somewhat more realistic. And kinda reminds me of isekai manga when Mc's aren't terribly op and learn actual skills through menial work

  17. Akbar Haryanto

    Hey SE 🙂
    im big fans of you !! Especially final fantasy series ..
    I hope in the future SE can remake my one of my favorit game !! Please remake final fantasy x in the future SE ,okey thanx 🙂 ciao

    "Listen to my story..this maybe our last chance" hehe i hope …………

  18. TravisB

    No, No, No.
    Here is hoping that it's only a limited exclusive to ?

  19. João Vítor Matiola

    Can you please make a Radiata Stories Remastered?

  20. sakthi vel duraisamy

    We want total overdose part 2…….

  21. SCI FU7E

    Happy new year Square Enix ???.
    Good luck for all your coming projects ? and have fun to make games 😉

  22. Lejin Almighty

    Idk guys… this looks like a reach for the people who loved Octopath so much for its classic jrpg style. Personally I dont like the combat system presented here.

  23. John 1969

    Just cause 2 Remastered?

  24. Hu Man

    Hope for a new Deus Ex

  25. Hoàng Lân Lê

    garbage turn based game

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