Valkyrie Profile Lenneth – Mobile Available Now!

Find out more about Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth on the official website:

Behold the origin of the VALKYRIE PROFILE franchise! An intricate and evocative tale of fates woven by gods and mortals, steeped in Norse mythology, punctuated by groundbreaking combat, and brought to life by a soundtrack considered among gaming’s greatest.

Players will enjoy added features and enhancements that make it easier than ever to enjoy VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH!

o Intertwining tales that spin a captivating story amid the epic backdrop of Norse Mythology
o Deep, action-packed combat, with exhilarating combos and satisfying special attacks
o Motoi Sakuraba’s timeless soundtrack
o Multiple endings based on your actions and choices

The game also has new integrated features for the platform:

o Intuitive controls and UI catered to touchscreen
o Smartphone-optimized graphics
o Save-anywhere and autosave functions for on-the-go play
o Auto-battle option for combat
o Booster options available for purchase


  1. Rezard

    This is a sad day.
    Why can't they juste release it on psn / switch / steam.. but noupe they release it on goddamn smartphone
    .I don't want to see this serie nor tri-ace getting killed ,and this is what sqex are currently doing
    This is fucking bullshit

    "Insert random insult about mobiles game"

  2. themblan

    I was excited until I saw “mobile.”

  3. Teshigi Smith

    Man that scream at the end though lol

  4. Adam Bukhori

    Release final fantasy series offline and the graphic like ff4 or higher

  5. Keln

    Time to get lost in those dungeons again 😀

  6. PPF Gamer

    Looks good left a like

  7. TallulahSoie

    I'm so sorry they did this to you, Lenneth.

  8. Sentinel Roboguard

    If you like your RPGs with a captivating vein of melancholy running through them…buy this game

  9. Kyle Peplow

    Lost me at Mobile. Can I just get the PSP version on the PSN store so I can play it on my Vita.

  10. TheGift137

    I played this on PSP but never beat it. Thought it was pretty interesting. Wish i had space on my phone for it lol

  11. John Draisey

    I'm surprised this hasn't been remastered for PS4.



  13. Geraldo Junior

    $quare Enix

  14. Elixir

    So it has Japanese voices with English subtitles?

  15. Rynn21

    Enough with the mobile games. I NEVER play games on my phone.

  16. Chris Lightfellow

    VP Remake or Hrist plz!!. We don't care about awful ports :/ That god-like opening for such a crappy port, for a moment i thought we could see a remake of Lenneth, but ofc i was wrong, why SE????

  17. Andy Switch Gaming

    switch version pls??

  18. Đăng Ký kênh mình may mắn đó

    Wtf, we can simulate psx to play this game on mobile phones and why the game company does not give us a new game or season 2 on the mobile and they are lazy but let's hope

  19. savyas69

    1.99 maybe. For 15 I expect a blowjob too

  20. dragon_blade

    How long before the crap pc port?

  21. Exphen

    PC port? Switch? PS4? Where are they ? You know no one wants a mobile port.

  22. Kal Kuma


  23. Kelly Cunningham

    Love how they didn't show any gameplay

  24. Yami Dih

    Please do this for pc ps4

  25. Rizki Kurniawan

    Ah bring back memories. This was adapted from PS and their manga from the same title.

  26. chrnodroid

    Please Square Enix, don't ruin the tri-Ace games putting them on mobile.
    And please, retry with a porting on PC Steam and PS4.

  27. Pescado Tejano

    Hey square! When are you gonna give us another FFtactics? Seriously! At least port WAR OF THE LIONS TO PS4 or PC! Take my money, DAMMIT!

  28. shmallowlol

    honestly, the art just makes me wish there was an artbook of it I could get.

  29. Princess Kurumi

    I would glady pay AAA game price for Valkyrie Profile 3

  30. Ryan Stinnett

    At first I was like "Hooray! Finally! Been waiting for the PSP version on PSN to play on my PS Vita!" watches trailer … on iOS/Android … [facepalm]

  31. Dynasty Kings

    So we get to Odin and Thor perhaps Asgard in general. I know just a wishful thinking.

  32. Rafael Román

    Put it on new consoles or on steam

  33. Andrie putra

    Please make sequel of Valkyrie profile 3 !!!

  34. 竹本英竜

    steam please.. I'll buy it right away even if it costs $20
    do it as the base to fund vp hrist, you cant abandon her after telling both of her sisters' stories..

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