Trials of Mana | The Sacred Sword Trailer

The Trials of Mana Demo is Now Available and free to download!
Forces of darkness will stop at nothing to get their hands on the powerful Sword of Mana. On April 24th, begin your journey, join your companions, and defend the world together from this evil in Trials of Mana.

Trials of Mana will be available for Nintendo Switch™ system, PlayStation®4 system and STEAM® on 24th April 2020. To pre-order now, visit:


  1. VGBC P3rs0na

    Adventure of Mana is on IOS and it’s the best iteration of FFA. Now they need to bring the Secret of Mana Remake to Switch but because of fan demand they should make the game how we wanted it. Ring menu item remembrance, an orchestral soundtrack(not that I think the original remake soundtrack was bad), Animated mouths and that’s it. It wasn’t a bad game by any means it just had a few kinks. I DO want the SoM Remake on Switch, I DO. Just needs an overhaul is all. And they should also bring Adventure of Mana(the definitive version of Final Fantasy Adventure) to Switch also.

  2. Gilberto Camargos


  3. Lejin Almighty

    This is gonna be so good!

  4. Carlo Zagagnoni

    Those mouths, my god

  5. Caedo Genesis

    0:29 – This may be wishful thinking, but was that cactus reveal just a direct reference to Legend of Mana? Man I'd love to see that in a collection in the future!

  6. Gebel

    Pre-ordered the heck out of this game months ago. Just gotta rush through FF7 remake in 2 weeks real quick so I can play this at launch.

  7. Hina Br


  8. andrew the geek

    Ugh anyone know that voice at the end?


    Let the big wigs know, Square and Microsoft can be unstoppable together next gen. Also Final Fantasy Lego crossover would do very well. I’am from the future in case you were wondering.

  10. Daniel Ydal

    who is mysterious lady on 1:41

  11. Reginaldo pereira

    Square Enix por favor, apaguem as duas Expansões = multijogador companheiros do jogo base.. Porque não tem como pegar mais os troféus, do Final Fantasy xv.. Favor respeitem os fans q compraram o jogo base.

  12. Shivery

    HD Remaster of Chrono Cross!

  13. Christopher Dunfield

    Chrono Plz

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