Trials of Mana | TGS 2019 Trailer

When these six destinies intertwine, the world will be born anew. Trials of Mana arrives on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam on 24th April, 2020. Pre-order Now!



  1. Matthew Johnson

    Every time I see an update on this I cry because I don't want to wait until next year to play it.

    Also hoping for a remake to Final Fantasy VI.

  2. Roge Doge

    The english dub is terrible.

  3. Aval

    that is some embarrassingly bad lyp syncing

  4. theodore piercey


  5. Ondor's Lies

    Hell yes 🙂 cant wait! Also: mandatory please remake legend of dragoon comment.

  6. Mier Osláv

    Great !!! i am hooked ♥

  7. DD

    the super exaggerated English voice acting is enough to turn me away. Cringe. (get me the original Japanese seiyuu please if you want a sale)

  8. braiden45

    If y'all can remake THIS great game, NO excuse for not making a Chrono Trigger 3D Remake after!

  9. Seamon

    I'd still rather play Seiken Densetsu 3

  10. Anime Trap

    i hope gog release too still waiting dq 11 for gog

  11. jachyra4

    Visuals look good, voice acting sounds bad. Enough so to make my interest in this version waver.

  12. Fullmetal Gamer

    What the Secret of Mana remake should've been.

  13. SCI FU7E

    This game looks better as the "Secret Of Mana Remake" and i will test it, but my greatest wish is "Legend Of Mana" with a HD look like (other company) "Odins Sphere" and more language localizations and new effects, weapons and maybe stories…
    Have a lot of Fun and nice days 😉

    Only for you Square Enix:
    If you like listen my new Song "SCIFU7E – OVERALL", but awaits nothing.
    Your developers and people behind "Square Enix" belongs with "DONTNOD" and "CD Projekt Red" to (my) important Studios. But of course there are so many other Great/indie Studios that i like, but my top3 where all are on the First place are: CD PROJEKT RED, DONTNOD, SQUARE ENIX

  14. Obito Nagato

    Censored for the PS4.

  15. Flegan777

    I'm so amused by the Japanese audio weeb comments.

  16. darkdoctor

    I'm a simple man i see boob i press like.

  17. usy 09

    I see lots of titties

  18. OuhPii

    Looks great so far ?

  19. Mikumo91

    The good:
    – Pleasing art direction, vivid colors and nice looking models
    – Upgraded battle system

    The bad:
    – Terrible voice acting. I like the voices (except Kevin, wtf dude?), but the acting is really bad.
    – The lip sync, if we are generous and call that mouth opening and closing animation lip sync.

    The WTF are you out of your mind???:
    – The removal of Multiplayer.

    I wanted this game so badly and I was willing to overlook every other faults of the game, but without multiplayer Im not gonna buy it. Sorry. I've played this game many years ago with my sister and we were looking foward to play it together again, we are really disappointed.

  20. CornishCreamtea07

    How about a port of Legend of Mana instead

  21. Bobby Sharpe

    I am quite hyped that Trials of Mana as in Seiken Densetsu 3 Trials of Mana is getting a remake.

  22. Chronos Chris

    Those are some nicely done female character models. 🙂 Hopefully the Square-Enix ethics department / Sony doesn't censor for some raging sjws that will never buy your game.

  23. Yousef Tube

    SQUARE ENIX if you are reading this can you please release Tomb Raider 2013 on Nintendo Switch.

  24. Glen Wang

    Gosh Darnit! Squeenix's rendition of Hawkeye is a HUGE step backwards compared to its other 'no-so-accurate-to-their-MCU-counterparts' Avengers redesigns! ?

  25. John Habib

    The lip-syncing is absolute horse shit. Put in some effort guys.

  26. abrahamWCE

    Better not be censored
    Better not be censored

  27. Leo Amaya

    No Xbox?

  28. FantasyGodiva

    I’m Riesz ??

  29. Roberto Vasconcelos Eluan

    No Xbox One? C'MOOON!

  30. BacKLasH_' SoR


  31. Mr. Yonosenada

    Chrono Trigger! Chrono Trigger! Chrono Trigger! But I'll take this ATM.

  32. Keith03820

    I prefer the original trials of mana

  33. Vapid

    my birthday is april 26th, so i guess i know what i'm getting next year 😀

  34. Mary Charmaine Hernandez

    1:21 is Nicolo when you don't pay him.

  35. Faidou

    Now it's time for the fans to put their money where their mouth is.

  36. Yori Channel

    Mana is a great RPG SAGA underrated.

  37. Sebastien Busque

    I am DEFINITELY looking forward to this game!

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