Trials of Mana – Character Spotlight Trailer: Hawkeye and Riesz (3/3)

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  • Trials of Mana – Character Spotlight Trailer: Hawkeye and Riesz (3/3)

The final Character Spotlight trailer introduces Hawkeye, a young thief from the desert fortress of Nevarl and Riesz, princess of the mountainous Kingdom of Laurent.

After having the misfortune of crossing paths with Isabella, their journeys take an unexpected turn and their tumultuous adventures begin.

Be sure to check out the previous trailers introducing Angela, Duran, Charlotte and Kevin.


  1. daoswarrior2033

    So what are the chances of certain characters from Heroes of mana to are related to Hawkeye being mentioned in this game?

  2. Flareboxx

    I'm still confused about how this game's story works. It looks like pairs of characters share elements of storylines, but you pick 3 characters… So should you only pick 1 person from each pair, or is it beneficial to pick both pairs and 1 extra? But then is that one extra person tacked on to the story?

  3. SCI FU7E

    I'm happy how it looks and if I can play it ?.
    All the Best for your Works 'Square Enix' ? and have a happy Time everyone 😉

  4. TallulahSoie

    I smell censorship

  5. Gebel

    Just finished Secret of Mana remake! (It was still surprisingly good actually, even though I'm not a big fan of the new graphics or music. But the original game is just so good and you can turn on the original soundtrack)
    Bring on the sequel!

  6. 9'63 Creation

    Riesz all the way!!

  7. Zaeld

    Can't wait to do a 100% walkthrough for this game. I'm so glad that you guys are releasing so many good JRPGs again! <3 Square

  8. Zaeld

    Hawkeye reminds me of Erik from Dragon Quest XI.

  9. Zph

    This is great

  10. xxnike629xx

    So with Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana) and Seiken Densetsu 3 (Trials of Mana) PS4 remake versions, can we expect Seiken Densetsu 1 (Adventure of Mana/Sword of Mana) to get a PS4 remake/port?
    At the least, I hope that Square-Enix will take the Vita remake titled, Adventures of Mana
    , and port it over with graphical enhancements and other UI and gameplay enhancements.

  11. Tony Infinite

    I am Riesz
    Me: I know you from Google lewds and handing me my ass in Million arthur
    edit Fixed spelling why couldn't she be the 5th smash Character

  12. Turnajon

    Hawkeyes English VA sounds terrific IMO. Probably the best of the six protagonists. Kevin and Charlotte I had issues with, but both Duran and Angela were solid. But for some reason Hawkeye strikes me as the best VA so far. The Crimson Wizard and the Faerie are good runner-ups.
    Rise's VA sounds fine for the most part, although there is the occasional stiff moment. It's not that bad, though, and otherwise she acquits herself very well.

    All in all, it just shows you can't just judge the quality of a dub based on simple trailers. You have to see a bit more before deciding if you want to delve into it or not. And as someone who has seen his share of dubs over the years and has a good idea of what a bad dub sounds like, this doesn't sound so bad IMO. It sounds passable IMO. Not the best, but not the worst, it seems like a durable dub overall. Consider me onboard.

  13. Relic

    Thanks SE… Chrono Trigger next please!

  14. Faytlan

    Hawk en la versión de snes fue mi primer personaje. En el remake será el primero que elija 😀

  15. Vinicius Fernandes

    Why every female characters are dressed like whores?

  16. Al Liu

    Looking forward to this!! a mana remake! but same month as FFVII remake =*( i know ill savor that game like its the end of the world.

  17. ultimatix89

    1:17 Burn to the Groun… hahahahahahaha

  18. DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou

    So, Hawkeye is essentially Robin Hood?

  19. Joaquin Ruben Romo Soto

    Es bellisimo.jpg. Por cierto como puedo comprar el juego ? o mas bien donde, digo en que plataformas estara disponible .

  20. Fransisca Evelyn

    I just want to ask about When Square enix will release game : Kingdom Heart 3 in PC Platform ? .

  21. Enharmony1625

    It's surreal for someone like me who was so disappointed when the original game didn't get released in the west to see this remake! I'd given up hope of ever getting an official English release of this wonderful game, and then we get both the original AND a great-looking remake? Thank you SE!

  22. Santiago is Numbah 1

    Oh they look great. Can't wait

  23. thedreadedzero

    When are we going to get definitive proof of whether the ps4 version is censored or not. I don’t wanna have to wait till it comes out. I need to know which version to keep on preorder.

  24. Joel Hall

    Can't wait to play the remake. I got the Collection of mana on the switch for Christmas and I'm loving this game so far. I started With Duran Angela and Charlotte

  25. 八木和博


  26. wolfman4433

    Can this game come any sooner?!

  27. Nintendorak Yamato

    Hyped to get it on Nintendo Switch!!

    What about giving Nintendo Switch HD remixes of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 – 2.8

  28. Pindiggley

    This looks so good. Pre-order get.

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