Trials of Mana Character Spotlight Trailer: Charlotte & Kevin (2/3)

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  • Trials of Mana Character Spotlight Trailer: Charlotte & Kevin (2/3)

The second Character Spotlight Trailer introduces you to two new main protagonists, the half-elf young maiden, Charlotte from the Holy City of Wendel and the heir to the throne of Ferolia, Kevin. Having encountered the demonic devourer of human souls, Goremand their fates take an unexpected turn and the beginning of an action-packed adventure in the world of Mana starts to unfold.

Watch out for final spotlight trailers showcasing the remaining two playable heroes, Hawkeye and Riesz.

Trials of Mana will be available for Nintendo Switch™ system, PlayStation®4 system and STEAM® on 24th April 2020.

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  1. kevenzz

    I don't really like the graphic style that much… the super nintendo version was great but i'm not sure about this one

  2. Jack King

    Kevin = hot

  3. jachyra4

    Oh dear, the voice acting just might turn me off from this game.

  4. Jonathan Lopes


  5. Tzeentch

    Is there a Japanese voice option?

  6. xxnike629xx

    Will we get a remake version of Seiken Densetsu 1 (i.e. Sword of Mana/Adventure of Mana)? I wouldn't mind if you guys released a physical version port of the Vita version at least.

  7. Medigo Verus

    Hahah…the voice acting isn't top notch but that's ok in a game like this, supposed to be a bit silly. I kinda wish Kevin's was lower-pitched though…

  8. Ameira

    is there romance in this game?

  9. BacKLasH_' SoR

    Better add CO-OP.

  10. PPmaq Channel


  11. NG C.A.M.

    kevin and carl….
    that's not their names

    those are their names

    those couldn't possibly be their names

    those are definitely their names

    you do realize how hard it's going to take me to take the characters seriously when those are their names

    what do you mean?

    there's a reason a lot JRPGs go with names like Lightning, Rorona, or Byleth, because names like Kevin and Carl clash with the style their going for, and even if it sounds like they're trying too hard to be cool sometimes, it at least sounds cool. Kevin and Carl on the otherhand, are the most generic names, ever.

    Are you sure you just don't like the names Kevin and Carl

    That's a good point, because the name Kevin often makes me think of Cucumbers and Carl reminds me of Phineas and Ferb

    Why Cucumbers?

    I have no idea

    are you fine with the names then.

    No, that's like naming your characters Bob and Steve. If you had to use normal names you could've gone with names like ben, caleb, joshua, jasper, names that sound normal, but aren't super generic

    It's a remaster of an older game.

    Well I doubt people would complain if you changed the names.


    No, actually you make a good point.

    Your still going to buy the game regardless

    You've got a point there, the other three stories actually sound decent, Kevin and Carl's sound a lot like their names, incredibly basic

    then what's the point of this whole comment

    I wasn't sure how to express my feelings and thought that this would be fun.

    Fair enough

  12. Fullmetal Gamer

    Did Kevin spend 967 dollars on room service?

  13. pyrune1


  14. Cody Travers

    Let's talk About Kevin, SQEX ???

  15. hhheeeccckkk526

    She speaks in uwu-ism

  16. Keago

    I actually really like Carlies voice acting. Looking good so far.

  17. samurizzy


  18. genesisSOC

    I hope Kevin isn't super OP again lol

  19. Sebastian Ebbesson

    The hell is up with Charlotte?

  20. Mirror Blade

    That pink stuff on beast boy is annoying. Can you recolor it to a more manly color?

  21. krystalfan

    its weird not hearing kevin's hulk speak…….

  22. Damian Fatale

    Who in there right mind made Charlotte an uwu meme. This is terrible.

  23. jotaroxtreme

    Game looks awesome! Also, all the Karl bits reminded me of Walking Dead.

  24. SCI FU7E

    The graphic is very good and has more Life ?.

    Happy days all 😉

    Only for you Square Enix:
    You 'Square Enix' belongs to my three favourite studios and thank you for all what you has made and makes ??. I'm happy to play 'Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles' with new things and I know it's a financial calculation, but i believe that the game 'Legend Of Mana' has a great potential for a comeback too.
    And maybe you can add old characters in your games too like 'Ark' + 'Fluffy' from 'Terranigma' (this game and music is always nice to play and listen again) ?

  25. Mieikew

    Posso criar um canal oficial do BRASIL ?

  26. Groucho

    lol, this voice acting

  27. Jimmy the king

    Can you make a sleeping dogs 2 please for ps5

  28. Fireteam Omega

    You guys are really pumping the remakes lately is that the business plan regurgitate and never innovate how long is that sustainable…? How about a new mana game or hey why don't you release some of the titles you aren't doing anything with. Like the legacy of kain series which ironically has more comments about then you have subscribers. You guys used to be top notch and now it's mostly empty garbage. Honestly I see squinix on the case today and I instantly move on. Trying to give you some consumer advice you own the branding use it people want new adventure of these titles not polished relics.

  29. mangsmoof

    I’m gonna be 100 with you if there’s not Japanese voice version for this game I’m not getting this. What the hell were they thinking with that voice direction

  30. Rei Inaba

    I usually love bad English dubs but holy hell, I don't think I can put up with Charlotte's voice the entire game.

  31. SBaby

    1:13 – That scream made me think of Llamas with Hats.  CAAAAAAAAAAARL!

  32. mangsmoof

    I have to be completely honest this is some of the worst voice acting I’ve heard in a while

  33. Brandon W.

    Charlotte's voice is definitely going to turn people away from buying this game.

  34. Germaximus

    lol Karl is such a terrible name for a dog

  35. Orion Gurtner

    You can tell who didn’t play the original by how they react to Charlotte

    She’s 8, has a speech impediment (possibly slight autism), and has had no education outside of being a mana priestess

    Kevin’s voice was more of a surprise, he’s a hot-headed brawler and his people literally turn into beasts at night, his voice should be a bit deeper and raspier

  36. Rodolfo Hernandez

    Will see ever and exporing similator

  37. Santiago is Numbah 1

    Wow Charlotte kept her toddler like speech. It's not bad, has a certain charm to it but I wonder if it'll get annoying eventually…

    But Kevin. Kevin I don't like… the actor sounds like an amateur. Too bad we couldn't get Xenoblade Chronicles tier level of voice acting.

  38. Fusionchimaira

    Need japanese voice for Charlotte, the cringe is hard in english…

  39. gundown26


  40. SharkLord1954 Productions

    Ah yes, emotionally- and physically-stunted half-human and Squeenix John Wick.

  41. Rayala

    "WHATAYA DOIN', CARL??" i don't know why this voice acting is so funny to me…

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