Trials of Mana Character Spotlight Trailer: Angela & Duran (1/3)

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  • Trials of Mana Character Spotlight Trailer: Angela & Duran (1/3)

The first Character Spotlight Trailer introduces you to two of the main protagonists, focusing on the young swordsman Duran from the kingdom of Valsena and the princess Angela from Altena. Get a glimpse of how their stories are set to unfold and become intertwined as they embark on action-packed adventures in the world of Mana.

Watch out for future spotlight trailers showcasing the remaining four playable heroes, Hawkeye, Riesz, Kevin and Charlotte.

Trials of Mana will be available for Nintendo Switch™ system, PlayStation®4 system and STEAM® on 24th April 2020.

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  1. Jessy D


  2. Jay t

    Remake ff 6 in a octopath traveller style

  3. Mike Saint-Jules

    Voice acting is a bit rough.

  4. M2 Gaming Canada

    Secret of Mana made this way would have been way much better than the "still using same old engine but in 3D" remaster you folks did. This sure looks great, now!

  5. Zane Oneiros

    Tired of this shit. Bring back Chrono Trigger

  6. Jason Talerico

    Day one purchase for me for the Switch! The character art is sick and I cant wait to get my hands on this.

  7. Flareboxx

    Does this mean it would be good to pick these 2 together when choosing my 3? Are there certain pairs that go well together?

  8. Medigo Verus

    Man I hope I get through FF7re by the time this comes out, I'd love to play both immediately 🙂

  9. Mirror Blade

    Hate the clothes design of the warrior. Poke him in the gut with anything sharp to ohko him. Give him some goddam proper armor. This current day designs showing their abs like stripper douches.
    Other than that no further complaits…

    The antagonist isnt some dumb tranny like the last game right?

  10. Killa Penguin

    But will there be lights in the trees as Angela escapes the castle? That and the music make her opening sequence one of my favorite gaming memories.

  11. Newbie Kitty

    Man! they going to make you buy the old classic that I love still and now got a new remake coming? Money money! ..grumble.still going to get it tho

  12. Zph

    This is really well done. Instant cop

  13. Zph

    Releases on my bday. Fuck yeah

  14. EndeavorDC

    Dq feels

  15. Bearty

    Will be buying this day one I wana support the series so we get new games in the future

  16. MrAmmanas

    Fingers crossed they don't screw it up like the SoM remake.

  17. Keago

    Sweet! Class change trailer please, at least for me its always been a big draw, planning out my party and how the different classes complement each other.

  18. Noobietron1

    Dub is cancer for people with brain damage. such cringe

  19. Al Liu

    this just can't come sooner!! i can't wait!! THANK YOU!!! for the LOVE OF MANA!!

  20. H tT

    Please add Jap dub with Eng subs.

  21. JacobOlli

    Day 1, hope you guys do Chrono Trigger like this

  22. Nester

    Look you bloody wizard i'll get strong, stronger than anyone, and I will defeat you

  23. Jared Marsden

    I'm so excited!!!

  24. Kendall Coombs

    Looks pretty good, liked thr voices too even, except the last line sounded awkward.

    However, did the original not have co op, and i think i heard this one doesnt? If so thats lame. Noy enough story based games with co op, especially rpgs

  25. IqarP15

    That's great and all that but what about localizing Dragon Quest X <.<I>.>?

  26. protuberanetz 67

    How about Vagrant Story or Parasite Eve Remake?

  27. GenjiVEVO

    Duran sounds like Sonic lol

  28. gamerprince1999

    God this game looks so fucking good.

  29. DreamyAbaddon

    Yay the game is coming out on Steam! More PC games to add to my Library!

  30. TheShenmueMaster

    This looks good! I really wanna play it now just after watching that and I honestly wasn't expecting that.

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