TOMB RAIDER Accolades TV Spot

The highly anticipated TOMB RAIDER is available today! Pick up your copy and join the adventure of Lara and the crew of the Endurance as they seek the lost kingdom of Yamatai.


  1. OblivionsLight

    This Tomb Raider looks awesome compared to the older ones that went downhill. Can't wait to try it! 🙂

  2. Crimson Loftwing

    I agree OblivionsLight! This game looks awesome! I definitely wanna play it!

  3. Ryan Torres

    My goodness!! I just finished the game in 3 days 😀 from the day i bought up to last saturday, March 2, 2013…Very Good Indeed…

  4. Miguel Barrios

    Look like uncharted

  5. Mr.maverick5399

    The beginning uncharted 2

  6. debra jacobs

    Y whud you post that.

  7. Tim Mathis

    had the game 2 days now. finished campaign and have 76% of all secrets and tombs and all that completed. i cant stop playing this game

  8. Living Dead Paradox

    None of them went downhill (except Angel of Darkness). But they are trying to expand upon the game by adding skills, experience, upgrades, more freedom etc…

    I thought Tomb Raider Underworld was great, but it did not have some of the features this game has like hunting, more cinematic story and what not…

    Angel of Darkness, however, was a complete failure compared to the ones b4 and after it. But it had potential — just too many glitches and stuff…

  9. Serenity

    Far from it.

  10. bobbyhtb030591

    Too bad Uncharted copied their concept from Tomb Raider.

  11. Wesley C

    Best game.

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