theHunter: Call of the Wild – Gameplay Trailer [PS4]

theHunter: Call of the Wild lässt euch mit euren Freunden bald auf PS4 auf Jagd gehen! Seht euch im Gameplay Trailer an, was euch erwartet.

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  1. Austin Carter

    Why can't I preorder it on the Playstation store?

  2. Big_Chile

    Make this game with dinosaurs

  3. Goof Kid

    It's like dear hunter but on ps4 sick dude

  4. Luke Obie1

    I'm gonna buy this game to shoot some beautiful animals with my ps4 share button. Also got some nice scenery. They should of made it a wildlife photography game.

  5. Mark Thomas

    The Deer Hunter killer is here.

  6. Dr_Dan23

    Why does this game seem like need for speed rivals?

  7. ﴿ ݩــدئ الشمري


  8. Basil

    It's so funny hearing people say they're pumped and so on when i've been playing this game since the start of this year.

  9. Deany CTYT

    When is it out

  10. Wesley Damaso

    Para ps4 quando ?????
    For ps4 when??

  11. William Baptiste

    Please let this have friendly fire enabled. That would make for a great stalking sniper vs sniper mode.

  12. something to say!!!

    Has long its better than hunting simulator…than u got my money


    Carnt wail

  14. SchwiftedBear

    Glad this is probably coming to consoles because my computer is too ass to run this game

  15. CountryBoy32665

    PS4 add me Country_boy32665 I am getting the game can't wait 4 more days

  16. C Anon

    if you cant kill your hunting partners this game will be boring

  17. Touching Evil

    Does not look like this on the ps4 pro 🙁

    It looks like a ps3 game 🙁

    This trailer is a BIG LIE!!!

  18. Robert S

    I bought this Game for my PS4 pro . I can tell you : This Trailer is a lie! You Do not get the displayed picture quality. Iam very disappointed.

  19. Kori Gilmore

    I cannot save my progress on my PS4 version. anybody else on PS4 have to start a new game Everytime they play?

  20. Jeff Meltesen

    Won't autosave of the ps4. Waste of time and money.

  21. Zach Fouquette

    Is this real? I’m so pumped!!

  22. Gabriel

    Just beautiful, definitely getting it on PS4. Keep maps coming, add fishing, and maybe South America 🙂

  23. iiPotatoes

    I'm sure the game is gonna be fantastic, but this narrator is not sucking me into the trailer for sure. Should've been some grizzly older man. Feels way to clean and modern to make me feel like I'm gonna be hunting. Just a dumb nit pick though.

  24. JustLetTheReaperTakeI'mTired

    anybody else here besides me actually hunts in real life?

  25. zleeezy


  26. Lukas Landauer


  27. Maiyel HD

    Really fun game realistic awsome !!!

  28. Clay Moore


  29. Turbodiesel 480

    Where can you get this game

  30. Turbodiesel 480

    Where can you get this game

  31. Turbodiesel 480

    Where can you get this game

  32. cara pils


  33. AnundFightMaster 100

    Can somebody tell me how to contact theHunter developers? I have a couple of words to that must be spoken. Bugs, recommendations, etc. Can somebody please tell me?? 🙂 My Chanel -> #Hotpotatosquad

  34. Whiterun Soldier

    I didnt think id like this game as much as i do but i only wish that they had mountain lions and wolfs in the game.It would make it 100×'s better!

  35. suood salem

    I don't want to kill animals

  36. it's krasy

    Do u need playtation plus

  37. jaguar Leser breser


  38. jaguar Leser breser

    Yes ps4

  39. Wígmuŋke Wíŋyaŋ Wanáǧi

    Does it need real money to grade up your weapons and equipment etc?
    Thx in advance..

  40. Angie Tapp

    classic needs to come to console

  41. Zaikirix's Channel

    This game is actually tricky but I've only played it once so far lol

  42. TXfrogboy

    Damn it's been almost 2 years alre

  43. Raul Israel

    What was the game that had the huge map that wasn't the hunter saga, it had marks of each animals, etc. It was for ps4.

  44. Felix

    Absolutely fantastic

  45. Good Stuff

    Such a fun game just to chill


    Yeah… OK.
    I just might get this next week. It should be good.

  47. boddastudio

    sounds like a great game that you want to easily test

  48. Aide Trophées Online

    Haaaa ce jeu 🙂 J'en ai mis du temps à le platiner… et en plus il est génial, le meilleur de sa catégorie !

  49. Bobby Smoke6.4

    I can’t sign in on the game. Anyone know how to sign in?

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