THEATRHYTHM™ FINAL FANTASY® is available starting today!

THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY includes over 70 musical scores spanning 25 years of the FINAL FANTASY franchise. It features music from key events, lush field themes and decisive battle arrangements.

THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY is now available at retailers for $39.99 and is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older). Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.

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  1. Serah Kim

    just wait until this video hits over a million..
    I am going to be like..

    I knew this video longer than you BITCH! AND I WAS ONE OF THE FIRST!

  2. Michaeru

    Definitely buying this game. Final Fantasy IX music, here I come.

  3. Drug and Alcohol Lady


  4. Glorfindelor

    Make an iOS version!!!

  5. thelinedrive

    dude this game probably won't be a comercial success anyway and I think Square knows that. this is simple the title they are releasing to celabrate Final Fantasy's 25th aniversry. and considering the fight game was done. I don't see what better way to celabrate then with the music of final fantasy, and putting out in a format so everyone can enjoy. besides Square is publishing the new IP of the year in sleeping dogs so I wouldn't say they are recycling a whole lot.

  6. Danny Monzon

    ~Yay made it as an early viewer!

  7. thelinedrive

    if sleeping dogs invoates how is aquare releaseing recycled material, and outside playstation classics there really hasn't been many "ports and remakes" the only one they are actually doing offically is FFXHD n even that was to celebrate it's 10th aniversry. also they release final fantasy XIII-2 which is easily the best final fantasy since FFX. look dude the problem with square is that they commit 2 more projects then they can handle. not that they are recycling crap. thats Activison and capcom

  8. Gray Aria

    This is awesome but where is the Final Fantasy Type-0 localization I've been waiting ages for?

  9. Williamgood2

    And I bet you didn't buy ff 13-2 because the -2.

  10. John Paul Kresse

    This is great looking game…(for a DS)…But where is my Versus XIII?

  11. thelinedrive

    yeah considering the guy who they would ideally ask to make a 25th aniversery game was busy making three or four different games (tetsuya Nomura) it's kind of hard to make a full celbratory title. (i.e. Final Fantasy VII 10th (Wrote the story), Kingdom Hearts 15th. and I'm not sure if he worked on dissida the 20th. so they were stuck in position that they may not be able to make a celbratory title in the same vein as those games I just meantioned. so a FF music game allows them to release one.

  12. JackAstral


  13. Heenicks

    Neither of you have any idea what you're talking about -_-

  14. Shydo Tepes Belmont

    What console is this for?

  15. thelinedrive

    it's not that they don't have other equeally talented people in the company that could make that game. it's just there is only one person within the company with the track record of making these game. Square is very protective of the final fantasy brand, just as they are with Dragon quest. so it's understandable the would have eyes on one person to make the game. also with finacal troubles that square had. they weren't thinking of the 25th anniversry in time to make full FF game.

  16. dragon_blade

    buying it soon i think

  17. thelinedrive

    well to be honest I've played it and it's actually quite fun. alot of thought went into how the game works. although despite having 70 final fantasy songs I'm disapointed Hymn of the fayth wasn't among them.

  18. thelinedrive

    and you do?

  19. thelinedrive

    dude seriously now your just being ridiculous. you got 70 tracks spread out across all final fantasy games. heck 13-2 and 13 equal that alone. there is no way they can fit all the soundtracks from every final fantasy on one game.

  20. thelinedrive

    look man it's a business and considering Square is simply following the same model as games like Rockband the whole paid DLC isn't really an issue for most people. and honestly square is one of the few companies that actually do do DLC pretty well. almost everything among them is pretty much non-essential. i mean when you look at things like COD map packs, or EA making a prothean day one DLC for Mass effect 3. quite frankly unless your name is gearbox you won't find a better company for DLC.

  21. thelinedrive

    dude DLC when done right is a good thing. seriously whats wrong with when you finish a game you get an expansion to add on to that game. back in the day they did the same practice they would release the game and then year later they would release an expansion. DLC essentially allows devs to add on to the game much quicker. do companies abuse DLC yes however this is not one of those instants seeing as you get 70 tracks of music and a ton of unlockable content for $40 dollars. whose greedy here?

  22. newcanodin

    I hate you Square-enix, i really do.

  23. thelinedrive

    no not really. I've only paid for one sound track that being 13-2 and I'm still waiting for square enix to send the damn thing 5 months later. 70 tracks is a very large music list most games are in single digits. so you are getting value. and if you really want the another track like hymn of th fayth I don't see the issue of paying a dollar or two for it.

  24. 200odd300

    I wonder if they'll do this with Kingdom Hearts XD

  25. KingdomHeartsMusicHQ

    When it's the series 25th Anniversary, probably!

  26. Lynecaster

    1:11 *-* awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  27. Holy Crap

    Square Enix..for the love of god will you hit bankruptcy so that another company can buy your exclusives and try to save FF for a change instead of you constantly shitting on it..

  28. as bs

    Cool, it's basically Osu!, and that games great other than being filled with j-pop.

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