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Each with their own distinct style and setting, FINAL FANTASY VIII, FINAL FANTASY IX, and FINAL FANTASY X showed just how dynamic and constantly evolving the series can be. Whether it’s Squall Leonhart’s unlikely heroism, the carefree Zidane Tribal and his merry band of thieves, or Yuna and Tidus, who journeyed to stop the cycle of death known as Sin, the three games are to this day considered some of the greatest stories FINAL FANTASY has ever told.

THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL will be available on September 16th in North America for $39.99 at and other participating retailers.

In Europe, the game will be released on 19th September for € 39.99 for the Limited Edition & € 54.99 for the Collector’s Edition.

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  1. Bo Vaughn


  2. Tailikku1

    0:14 Waltz of the Moon
    0:22 The Man With the Machine Gun
    0:31 Don't Be Afraid
    0:40 The Extreme

    0:53 The Place I'll Return to Someday
    1:00 Battle 1
    1:04 Fastival of the Hunt/Hunter's Chance

    1:15 Mi'ihen Highroad
    1:23 Luanch
    1:32 Fight with Seymour
    1:47 Let me blow you a kiss

  3. Bobby Corwen

    What, no TACTICS?

    Seriously? we're getting that stupid girl in this version too? I had so much hope in the e3 trailer.

  4. kweshhh

    I didn't like any of that!

  5. Mistress Xiren


  6. Resident Weeb

    … this is mobile… right? Or at most on vita?

  7. noctis678

    @Drahcir it's on 3ds 

  8. Succubi Pie

    Oh god I hope you can turn the moogle's voice off.

  9. Jonathan Martin

    @DrahcirLXIV It's on the Nintendo 3DS. My wife has the game, hasn't played it yet but it looks decent enough. Still, I'm with @Bobby Corwen, I'd love play another FF Tactics.

  10. TJF588

    Leblanc's battle music. Neat. Not too hot on the Mi'ihen Highroad tune, but as long as FFX's Thunder Plains theme isn't playable (seriously, that one has had too much traction in SQEX albums and cameos).

    What threw me off was the, what I assume are, moogle quips. So relatively quiet, thought something else on my computer was running.

  11. M K

    Okay that Moogle voice-over was a huge turn-off.

  12. Kriztee B

    Square. You've put Jecht in another game. Now for the love of god release some Jecht merch o.o

  13. AuraChannelerChris

    So much Final Fantasy done right…

    Nintendo should buy Capcom AND Square-Enix.

  14. 女神転生GioGio

    I really appreciate localization of this game….but DRAGON QUEST GAMES WHEN??? ;A; ;A; ;A; Can't you localize anything that isn't Final Fantasy for once…..

  15. Haseyo90

    Don't worry everyone – in the full game, you can turn his voice off. I have the Japanese version and the option is in the top right section of the Vs Mode section.

    Then again, he sounds adorable in Japanese so I'd be damned to do so myself.

  16. Zeedokta

    Square Enix is * meh *
    Localizing * OH? *
    an RPG * WOAH YES *
    for * leans in expectantly *
    iOS and Android * dies *

  17. Freyzi

    I wants it! Also watching this is making me want a third Dissidia game but on both PS4 and Vita, additional characters can be for example Seifer, Auron, Caius, Snow, Faris, Shadow, Freya and so on.

  18. Mizu 64

    If you're a fan of Final Fantasy VIII, like me, then you might be disappointed when you get this game. My only gripe with it is that all the VIII characters are weak or inferior to nearly every other character. None of them have stats they excel in (though you can boost them using Collecta Cards), some of their abilities do not reflect how they played in their original game, and since their is a new system where each character has a summon assigned to them, the VIII cast were given weaker summons to reflect their realism rather than fantasy. 

  19. Commodore Squidhead


  20. inc2000glw

    Is this on pc?

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