Tap into a timeless legacy of music with THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL. Featuring 221 songs and over 60 characters from the FINAL FANTASY series as well as all new Quest Medley and Versus Modes, this is the encore you’ve been waiting for.

THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL is available now for $39.99 at and other participating retailers.

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  1. N0Lif3

    Are there any Black Mages songs in this game?

  2. Ericson_Strife

    Omg, i already pre-ordered mine, lets just wait now  for this master piece

  3. Ervin Zavala

    Finally!! Yey!!! I want this game!!!

  4. Bobby Corwen

    I would make an inb4 list… but half the titles are in the video itself.

  5. Fettster

    You should have added Liberi Fatali.

  6. ReSTYLeGamer

    221 songs o: How many songs were in the game before?

  7. InabaPrism

    What about the trailers with the Contest's videos? o:

  8. narnianqueen23

    I actually got my copy of the CE a few days ago. Must've been a mistake by the post office. First time I ever got a game before release day 😛 I haven't even played it yet since I've been doing other things, but I can't wait to 🙂

  9. TwilightLink77

    All aboard the Phantom Hype Train!!

  10. Evilriku13

    I wodner if they STILL got this music player option like in the first game 😀 I really loved this one, I took my music everywhere and could close my 3DS and still listen to music~

  11. Succubi Pie

    After paying full price for the first game, I'm not touching this till I can get it at least half price. I feel so cheated.

  12. Benjamin Aquino

    The game is amazing. Thank you for still supporting the 3DS. I hope more Final Fantasy comes to Nintendo platforms (yes Wii U as well).

  13. Sch. Video

    love it!

  14. julie egon


  15. Diego M

    Songs from the previous game are included in this?

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