Take a musical journey through five acts of THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL’s E3 Trailer, combining the rhythm of FINAL FANTASY music with RPG elements. Bursting with new content, including the new Versus Mode where players can compete head-to-head with friends and other players, the game also features 221 songs and more than 60 playable characters from the FINAL FANTASY franchise. Fan favorites include FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN and FINAL FANTASY TACTICS, as well as recently released titles like LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII and FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn.

THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL will be available on September 16th in North America and 19th September in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS system.

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  1. Sch. Video

    oh my oh my…. #excited  xD

  2. Xautnis Leonhart


  3. sigster A

    Yes zack fair

  4. aqualta18

    And if you haven't played Theatrhythm before, please note that yes, the music is in time with the Triggers when you actually play. 😛

    Soooooo excited for this game!

  5. pandoradoggle

    Please release the limited edition Theatrhythm 3DS XL in North America!

  6. Succubi Pie

    Ugh September? Why such a long wait for a rhythm game?

  7. Inhaled Corn

    Man, I gotta figure out my team. Bartz is a must, and I'm thinking I also want Galuf. Probably Hope… but who else from there?
    Our else go with my standby of Team 589 + whomever, usually Terra.

  8. Guillermo Martinez

    I hope they add the make your own track for each song just like the ios version

  9. Aaron Markworth

    Ordered the collectors edition from the Square Enix Store. Only 5000 copies.

  10. Bobby Corwen

    Inb4 someone asks what each song is
    0:24 – Matoya's Cave (FFI)
    0:29 – The Decisive Battle (FFVI)
    0:36 – Savior of Souls (LR FFXIII)
    0:44 – Advent: One Winged Angel (FFVII AC)
    0:52 – Ride On (FFVIII)
    0:56 – Mambo de Chocobo (FFV)
    0:59 – JENOVA (FFVII)
    1:05 – Answers (FFXIV)
    1:13 – Fighting Fate (FFXIII)
    1:23 – Vana'diel March (FFXI)
    1:37 – Something to Protect (FFIX)
    1:43 – The Extreme (FFVIII)
    1:54 – The Decisive Battle (FFV)
    2:01 – Final Battle (FFX)

  11. Chad Wolfe

    Looks like a giant collection of great moments from past games… Perfect <3 Can't wait!

  12. gaara1saru


  13. lokasocba

    I want it on Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sephiroth1204

    Ah, I can't wait!

  15. YourLastWish

    am i only one that cant tell how retarded this game looks?


    Thanks for the kingdom hearts 2.5 December 2nd release date for 2014 square.

  17. Avj. Razz

    I hope this Versus mode is online play and local play. I mean am i really going to find some random stranger playing this game? Or anyone who owns a 3DS or 2DS in my local area? I think not.  You should guys should make it online or else its practically worthless to include a versus mode.

  18. David Dragoon

    Music from FF Tactics plus Kain is playable? Sign me up!

  19. fullpolish

    well it DOES look much better than the first one…

  20. keubibo

    NEW KINGDOM HEART or FINAL FANTASY (jrpg) for 3DS plz :3

  21. brenoakiy

    is it like "Osu!"?

  22. mazeflare

    DAMN YOU SQUARE ENIX, where in the world FINAL FANTASY XV is? Is been about 1 year (not to mention it was first announced on 2007) and you guys are not ready to release anything new in this E3? But this fucking THEATRHYTHM you are, to hell with that, I can't stand this kind of statements:
    "We decided that this year's E3 is not the most suitable time to release such information"
    You guys are such full of yourselves, but never think about us, don't forget who will buy your fucking products, IT'S US, and we demand more respect from you, is unacceptable you guys bring us statements like that.

  23. Draconis Nox

    You want people to preorder this garbage? How about giving people a real final fantasy single player game that doesnt involve an army, a crystal or a fucking tree.

  24. jonnyfendi2003

    Im sick of square already, i really am, with all this bs about E3… I can see why fans don't care about square anymore.

  25. Legendzerox

    No thanks

  26. Theaggyyu

    Damn, I was hoping for some Kingdom Hearts music 🙁 I guess they just wanna keep it to Final Fantasy, which I suppose makes sense…

  27. beryuza

    1:25 for all the ff11 fans woo

  28. Rhansley C

    Can't wait 😀

  29. jvchee06

    The only thing i want to know about this game is "NOW COMING TO ANDROID"
    I've still been waiting SQ!

  30. Saeko S

    I wasn't interested in the first one 'cause I didn't have 3DS at that time.
    But now I do, so I think I will get this one:)

  31. stefan delgado

    This game looks completely retarded… lol

  32. Drake Storm

    WTF did i just witness? lol 

  33. Sam Sh.

    Looks pretty neat! Although I think I'll pass. Thanks, though, Square.

  34. Aaron Smith

    This game looks terrible something they slapped together to once again milk the dead horse final fantasy. I wish SE would stop making crap and sit down and make a good FF game.

  35. Zak Gorsuch

    GAH! Why did I just buy Theatrhythm! I thought it would at least take a few months before they even had trailers in NA…Geez Square Enix, you amaze me every day…

  36. King Hellsign

    They should add it to the vita -_-

  37. risingsoul

    will be sephiroth from FFVII a playable chara??

  38. Md Mohiuddin


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