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Featuring 221 songs and over 60 characters from the entire FINAL FANTASY series, THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL is taking center stage in North America this year! New gameplay modes let players tap it out against each other in Versus Mode or take a party of your favorite characters into musical battles in the all new Quest Medleys. With songs from fan favorite titles including FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, FINAL FANTASY TACTICS, FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN and more, you’ve never had more FINAL FANTASY music at your fingertips.

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  1. Tomcat407

    Square Enix what the fuck is this?? Nobody wants this shit…we just want 90s Final Fantasy with improved graphics

  2. Xautnis Leonhart

    oQo I MUST HAVE THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dylan Jenkins

    what is this crap?  stop wasting time on crap like this, it cheapens the franchise.  instead do remakes of the older games.  even though some of the older titles were available for download via playstation store, the quality was still not great. we live in the age of HD graphics.  have you ever tried hooking up your psone to a hdtv?  well aside from the fact that psone has no HD…well its terrible, and quite a shame that we have become spoiled by much better graphics.  you could do so much better.  why not take the time to remake the older titles in the HD graphics of today.  however maintain all battle physics of each one intact, as they were, afterall each game was different and thats what made them unique from each other.  I'm sure i speak for just about every final fantasy fan…WE WILL BUY THEM!!!  Just hopefully you can do them right.  well they are yours afterall.  (And hey, on a side note, why not make a Parasite eve/Parasite eve 2 remake as well…)  cause…if you're making crap like this…clearly you HAVE run out of ideas.  Please don't hate…

  4. Dylan Jenkins

    nintendo ds is crap anyway,  for little kids….well, a lame attempt at grasping the attention of a new generation?  way to cheapen the final fantasy name.  tell me if i'm wrong, final fantasy is about epic journeys across the fantasy worlds depicted in each one, where you fight epic battles across a vast array of landscapes, with adoring character and heart-wrenching storylines….not a bunch of dorky looking characters trotting across a stage with music that is 'similar' to final fantasy music, with a slight cheesy tempo, and strange sound effects that cheapen it even more.  okay, i'm done ranting.  for now…

  5. BerriosTributes


  6. Blakobness

    Would of loved this as a Vita release, that platform needs more titles.  I don't even really like rhythm games but I could probably play this.

  7. zerobudgetgamer

    Give me Besaid Island and Fisherman's Horizon and I will buy this game at launch.

  8. Kelvin Tan Yong Rui

    Lol, copied osu ideas..

  9. Jeramy Dodd

    so…just look up the word osu and you get a free rhythm game that looks a lot better than this .. not hating on this but..ya…osu

  10. Caroline

    So nostalgic.. …But the 'event music' with the CG is a bit weird(?)

  11. Armless Kirby

    It would be awesome if this included the arrangements from dissidia. I'm super excited for this game as I absolutely loved the first one (maxed out rhythmia)

  12. unaccounted disposition

    what song was :35 to :39?

  13. Matysseus

    Coming 2014
    looks at release date on amazon
    "This item will be released on December 31, 2014."

  14. Ryutaa Kuzunoha

    I just hope this game will give me a reason to keep pushing ahead. I capped the ammount of Rythmia in the first game way too quickly. Had already all characters to level 99 way before I got all the harder achievement like Perfect Note everything. And most importantly. Tweak whatever the new equivalent of Dark Note so that it feels like you're under pressure. No health replenishing in between the stages. 

    Anyway. as you can see I have high expactions for this title because I spend way too many on the first. But eh. Even if it's not better than the last. I'm buying it day one. lol


    Glad you added songs from crystal chronicles. Will songs from bravely default be added too? Will crystal chronicles come to wii u one day?

  16. sebbotnik

    I hope it releases at about the same time as smash bros, any later would make it hard to compete against the plethora of titles coming around september/november.

  17. Lulexiaa


  18. Austin Garcia

    What's the name of the song that starts at 00:35 !?!? It's on FF10/FF10-2 HD Remaster main menu. I absolutely love that song, I can leave it on for hours. Thank you I advance.

  19. DeltaFrazzle

    Oh yes! I'm so excited! I'm still playing the first one and im sure as hell getting this one!
    And so a small question rises: is this versus mode online or what?

  20. JustAlex

    This game is gonna be awesome! Can someone tell me what's the song from 0:35 to 0:40 please? 

  21. Samurai Shampoo

    So excited for this! I've loved Final Fantasy music since I was little and I love rhythm games. This is SO up my alley! Bought the first one and really enjoyed it!

  22. Olivier Bufole

    Square Enix please make Dissidia 3

  23. Kamina1492

    Will it be possible to transfer the data from the first game?

  24. pazzline

    This game's net battle is awesome.

  25. TheVoid007

    What on earth Square Enix? You have had two guaranteed best sellers, KH3 and FF XV on deck and you have been coming out with terrible games for years.  3 freaking sequels of an average at best FFXIII and whatever this is?  I know you finally got an online mmo to work that no one wanted.  Good job on the moderate success there, but can we get to the good games again?  I know KH2 is impossible to top but you can be on that level again. 

  26. gunpei

    what is this shit

  27. Cecily Jisi


  28. guitarconspiracy

    looks lame.

  29. Charlye Sparx

    Don't know about other people but 1:24 sounds like "daebak, daebak" haha (awesome in korean)

  30. Jesus Echavarria

    Cant wait to play We have Come!


    it not exicting

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