The Wolfshark – Official Trailer

The King of Corruption is coming to reality TV this fall. He’s despicable, all-powerful, untouchable, and ready to make a killing.


  1. lazorzilla

    Genius !!!

  2. Ryan Thomas

    Can't wait for the game to come out

  3. Crown Scrooge

    This was pretty clever .

  4. NGroup

    Luv it. Hahaha genius

  5. LeonSora

    You got me Square Enix. Still not Kingdom Hearts 3, but still good.

  6. qwertyMrJINX

    Oh Squenix, you almost got me. I almost disliked the video, thinking you were doing something terrible, but then you pulled out the Hitman in the nick of time.

    BTW, 47 wouldn't need 4 shots to kill a man.


    that was a great way to advertise the game, i love it

  8. aoijeka

    I chuckled.

  9. Kali Takumi

    I really tried to skip it

  10. Joey Cruz

    man that's a cool comercial! you got me with that skip button

  11. KeybladeMasterAndy

    "kill ad" lol

  12. letterizer

    i pressed kill ad just to see what happened…….I wasn't disappointed

  13. voicetube

    I voice different content for a good part of my living and I am proud to say that this is my voice on this ad. Cool project!

  14. Vegas Club Kid 76

    I see what you did there! Impressive

  15. David Ortiz

    anyone know the name of this song?!

  16. Brad Austin

    Somebody give Square Enix's phenomenal marketing team a raise. I've never seen so much clever interactive advertisement.

  17. Stark Zodiark

    I said it on the Chuckle Brothers video and I say it here again. Find the marketing genius that came up with these ideas and give the man a fucking medal. And a raise. This is outstanding.

  18. Im Barbossa

    so your gna actually be able to drive now in hitman !? please ?! btw i hope this is actually a hit in the game(:

  19. Mastah Binc

    'Happy April Fools in advance!' says Agent 47

  20. Christian Shannahan

    Was I the only one who tried to kill the ad? Who else tried to do it? I know you did.

  21. PatMartins23

    Well, since the Kill ad button is broke now…

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