THE QUIET MAN™ delivers an immersive story driven cinematic action experience seamlessly blending high-production live action, realistic CG and pulse-pounding action gameplay. Embark on an adrenaline-fueled motion picture like experience which can be completed in one sitting.


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  1. Lucifer Succube


  2. RafaelDB

    Yay another damn Live action Sega CD game

  3. Tristan Shillingford

    Looks like shit to be honest.

  4. Sad Vito

    The fact that he said "muevate" kills me

  5. Zuyok

    Smug too much.

  6. Just Me

    Looked so real!

  7. Tony Teh

    Funny how many people can't tell that it is real until the fighting part.

  8. Chris Plumb

    The Steam page says it's developed by SquareEnix and Human Head Studios. I don't know if the latter just provided technology or if they have a larger role in the development. I sure hope this isn't what Motomu Toriyama has been working on.

  9. floisheremuch

    those ambiguously ethnic cartoon gangsters with weed jackets and bandanas, for real??

  10. Kenneth Bergan

    That transition into gameplay was pretty slick

  11. cgamyes

    Stupid hair

  12. Gut Spiller

    I played this already, his name is Gordon Freeman.

  13. Консолер Ростов

    It is look like a Sleeping Dogs.

  14. Our Old House

    When I drink whiskey, I drink whiskey; and when I drink water, I drink water.

  15. HiddenSofa

    It would be cooler if you showed some game play.

  16. Adrian Rybarski

    Do not be offended but this year you have to change! , you have made hundreds of fans hope that you will show the FF 7 remake. I'm asking for what the hell you threw the picture online with the trailer ff 7 remake like nothing you showed ?! Nothing much !!!!! , you had to throw in nothing and not make people idiots because you made us big things and now we've been left with nothing! . We as fans of this game that remained in our hearts after even 20 years passed, it caused that we have a great fondness for this game, you did us harm! if you are to have such an attitude that something announcing and then you do not show and you make water from your brain, do not lean out with such things, but you have strong foundations made for a given game and you do not announce something and you do not have a good job done because and how many other fans waited with this longing for the game and stuffed that we would receive something and now ???? What we have, and we have nothing !!! You made us idiots and with yourselves przyokazji. Then think about it before you announce something because today's conferences on E3 me and many others very much happened to you, so that it ceases to believe that you show something!

  17. Eclipse Repeater


  18. guering

    An incredible story concept, wasted on stupid QTE gameplay.

  19. Alienocity


  20. Christine Bilas

    Not quite sure what the game is about tbh

  21. EyeOfThundera822

    When you a delivery boy and you tired of getting bad tips

  22. Kao

    where is the ff7 remake?

  23. Franklin Bolden

    That botched Spanish word made me cringe.

  24. Phlegmatic

    About to be the best 10hr Game of the Year 🙂

  25. Zero-ELEC

    It's the Bouncer 2~

  26. Palimrya

    The white dude with a weed jacket, a spray tan, and a bad Mexican accent trying and failing to say "muevete"…this is soooooo fucking cringeworthy

  27. Midas Touch

    wait. why he wanted to fight them anyway? lol shit went from real life to resident evil 4 graphics. YO BRING SOME FINAL FANTASY graphics over here boy

  28. Eric N

    Seen this game before, where was it that I seen it . . . hummmm, oh yeah it was the XBOX One and the game was called Quantum Break. I hope it's good as that game.

  29. koga924

    This reminds me of the Yakuza games. My interest is piqued, hopefully more gameplay comes soon.

  30. Lynn Moorhead

    I'm interested in seeing a more lengthy trailer to get a bit more information and feel for the game… but on the surface, it looks appealing… BUT if it is a digital only game, designed to play through in one sitting, I can't imagine paying the typical $59.99 for it… might be a stretch to even pay $29 for it… depending on if there is any replayability value to it, or if it is a single outcome type story.

  31. Miguel Aguirre

    Oh, a white hero cleaning the streets from those dirty non white criminals.

  32. Jazneo Gaming

    I pass. Kingdom hearts 3 and FF7 Remake i buy

  33. Sch. Video

    looks interesting!

  34. PPF Gamer

    Looks very interesting left a like

  35. Isai G.

    "Muevate." Really? If they can't be bothered to get a good translator for their script, I won't bother playing this game. Next.

  36. Peko Narukami

    goty 2018 a best title name xP

  37. Jazneo Gaming

    if you spouse to be deaf should there no be no sound in the first place

  38. Brian Suggs

    square enix's Urban Reign

  39. Harry Campbell-Russell

    "High production?" That was some of the worst choreography ever to see the light of day in a trailer. Visceral, impactful fights in seedy alleys don't look like that. SMH.

  40. minibeast21

    Is it just me, or did anyone else notice in beginning they seemed to have footage of real life actors, then trailer edited into near photo realistic CG?

  41. Watte Tv

    Nothing like another non ethinic person beating up on ethnic stereotypes…

  42. Dado Dem

    Looking…Badass…for now….

  43. DDarth68

    Finally deaf person on the game. I want more see
    Me same deaf and fan Videogames
    Sorry short spelling words is not enough

  44. JuPsychedelicMan

    Leon made a kid!!!!!

  45. Fire Water

    Reminds me of 428: Shibuya Scramble (a great live-action visual novel) and The Bouncer (an earlier Squaresoft game on the PS2).

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