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THE QUIET MAN™ delivers an immersive story driven cinematic action experience seamlessly blending high-production live action, realistic CG and pulse-pounding action gameplay.

Unravelling within a single night, players take the role of deaf protagonist Dane as he fights his way to discover the motives behind the kidnapping of a songstress from a mysterious masked man. Embark on an adrenaline-fueled motion picture like experience which can be completed in one sitting.

THE QUIET MAN™ will be available as a digital-only title on PlayStation®4 and STEAM® on November 1, 2018.


  1. PEIRDO777

    Live action trailer… likely low budget… avoiding…

  2. OakTheDestroyer

    This game looks like shit.

  3. TheRealAlpha2

    I almost feel like not hearing about this game was an intentional marketing move. But now that I have it just comes across as a standard "rescue the girlfriend" Beat'em Up albeit with decent cinematics and music (at least from the trailer.) The combat looks serviceable with environmental finishes and stuff, the length is short so it's not going to take up time, but unless there's some hidden replay value it's going to have to be a pretty inexpensive game to justify a purchase for a single playthrough unless the combat is far more fun and nuanced than it looks.

  4. Angel Torres

    could we modify the character that sucker is ugly

  5. Victor Sena

    Wake up square please!!!

  6. Kiritsugu Emiya

    Day one

  7. Brian Baratheon


  8. Jason Avila


  9. SkyNet4272

    Netflix did it better

  10. BryanFTW13

    EA: "Story mode based games are dead."

    Now although this is the first time hearing of this game. It looks like a good game. Definitely gonna consider it along with a long list of games.

  11. Jay Gradney

    Will this come out on Xbox as well?

  12. Rey

    this reminds me of an American yakuza game. I'll buy if the price is right.

  13. Jose Diaz

    That piano melody is hauntingly beautiful. You could have just played me that and I'd have immediately asked if it was from a Square Enix game. Story is confusing as all hell, as always (lol), but I like that the art direction tried something different.

  14. K S

    Why not on xbox wow wtf

  15. Eric Ahmed

    what the heck is this?

  16. Rawknee Salami

    What is this a movie? a game? Bad Marketing.

  17. Jeff Phipps

    Wrong type of gamw for Enix.

  18. LinkIsMine

    Can they stop making games like this and focus more on Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 remake please? k thanks -__-

  19. MootyBeatz

    I don't get it…

  20. MACtv

    Idk man. Feel like it's either gonna be really good or just terrible

  21. LostValley

    Is this The Bouncer 2

  22. coolyco

    Promote this game more! it looks awesome.

  23. Jake Friedel

    This looks like complete shit. Probably the worst marketing I've ever seen for a game.

  24. Isabel Magaña

    0:04 i see the one world trade center :()

    EDIT : IS That Jack from the Titanic

  25. Brosse

    My feelings towards this can be summed up with the age old expression of

    What the fuck?

  26. Justin Hiryu

    This trailer's soundtrack and trailer itself is better than the real game.

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