THE QUIET MAN – Answered Trailer

A second version with sound and words is now available with subtitles supported in 29 languages! Experience another play through with sounds and words. Will the story change for you?


The story will bring light to the truth,
and maybe even uproot the mystery that was thought to have been solved
as if to say, “I knew nothing at all…”
The first version, that threw words away.
The second version, that brought words back in.
A story dramatically transformed.
This is the completed experience.
And so, with everyone, I want to ask this.
Can we really be strong to say we do not need words, even if we have them?
In a world overflowing with words, can we really find something beyond them?


  1. afro Puffs

    This is an underrated game, even more so considering its only 15 dollars

  2. Sinho

    HAHAHAHA is that a joke?

  3. Succubi Pie

    I feel like they're hyping hot air.

  4. Brendan A. MacWade

    It should have had subtitles on day one. But that doesn't fix the incomprehensible story nor the terrible combat animations (or lack thereof). How can Square continue to promote this joke of a game?

  5. suco Carozac


  6. ItaChu 787

    Wait this is out? …. Damn… Lol

  7. 5hane9ro

    Is it bad I'm interested in this train wreck?

  8. Tony Lawliet

    Sqaure Enix…just call me when Kingdom Hearts III drops in January

  9. King Kazuya

    This game is a joke. And the fact that the ending had to have a fucking promo for a patch proves how shitty and awful this idea was. Instead of firing Tabata for your bullshit, maybe you should have done some reflecting in the corporate and got rid of the out of touch jackasses who approved this horseshit, Squeef

  10. love4remind

    Worst game of 2018.

  11. karnovrpg

    It still doesn't make any sense.

  12. Weird Guy

    "The quiet man"… My wallet is also quiet for this game

  13. Rem

    What's next Square Enix?
    The Blind man?
    The whole game is just sound effects with a black screen? LMAO!!!!!

  14. 2B

    This is the most pretentious crap I have ever seen. It's like the game is trying to tell you it is some fine art when it is incomprehensible garbage. The combat looks awful too. This was a horrible concept for a game.

  15. Moneyless R

    Where's FF7 remaster tho

  16. cypheraine17

    Still trash.

  17. Umar Abbasi

    The girl crying sums up how most people felt about your game SQUENIX

  18. RhythmGrizz

    Games like this are the reason why square is at a financial loss and people are resigning

  19. RhythmGrizz

    Less of this, more of Octopath Traveler

  20. RhythmGrizz

    Shit game

  21. RhythmGrizz

    Sequel: The Blind Man
    No visuals until you beat the game

  22. Scull

    wait what? This game had no audio before? Please tell me this was some kind of strange experiment.. what will be next? Texture updates for missing textures etc? Sounds more like lazy development

  23. Mel

    Sometimes it's the quiet ones…who have the most to say.

    The Quiet Man. Now out.

  24. AL2009man


    God, it was a really bad idea to intentionally mute the game without any proper execution.

  25. mmr ngn

    Im fucking confused

  26. Parry

    this game is better than god of war or read dead 2. neither of those games have even close to the ambition that The Quiet Man has

  27. El Khan

    this is so stupid…

  28. Empyrion

    This game is fucking trash, like real trash

  29. Mouse Marple

    "The Bouncer" had higher quality assets. I hope this isn't where the entire FFXV DLC budget went

  30. Paco

    you guys are about to loose more than 33 million buckaroos

  31. lyhthegreat

    this game is great if you wish to practice on your lipreading skills.

  32. Napshare

    Northernlion's dub was better

  33. Agediho

    Who thought this was a good idea

  34. Joshua

    so i beat the game then i get sound to find out what really happiend LoL Makes sense its not a bad game its just so weird its good type of game as i expected LoL

  35. King Graham

    When you think you created a piece of art, a game so good, it will blow everyones minds…
    But all you really have is a piece of shit in your hands.

  36. &ure

    Who gave the go ahead on this?
    They need to be fired

  37. Freak of Nature

    We live at a time when games has to patch in in-game sounds and voices.

  38. Enilgo

    Awesome work

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