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The Last Remnant captured the hearts and minds of gamers with its enthralling story, countless characters and intricate battle system. Join Rush and his unlikely band of friends as they discover the Remnants and find a way to rescue his sister, Irina. It’s a timeless cult classic story available for the first time on Nintendo Switch.

Download now and uncover the truth behind these remnants.


  1. Jay o Dash


  2. TheKimmyfish


  3. Blazer Ball34

    Remaster Parasite Eve 1.

  4. TriBear


  5. Indra Wan


  6. Adam Jensen

    Finish my trilogy. Then redo Denton's game.

  7. Forgotten Kryos

    Where is PC version?!

  8. PhantomBanger

    Absolutely loved this game when it came out.
    Hopefully this sells enough copies to warrant a sequel.
    Then they can iron out the weird stuff with the game to make it even better!

  9. Here_we_gO_Again

    Switch needs kingdom hearts

  10. Here_we_gO_Again

    Nintendo is the king

  11. Jason Talerico

    Wish this came out physically.

  12. Jaekization

    Thank you!!!!!

  13. kkingcombo12345

    Ugh. This game is ass.

  14. AzureRoxe

    They even release it for the Switch, but say screw you to PC after REMOVING THE GAME FROM STEAM.

    Come on SE.

  15. WCburnsie 0

    I remember playing this game but I didn't get to finish it. Now's a good chance to give it a full play through.

  16. ya2u

    If Square Enix is not gong to release this for pc they could at least put the old version back on steam : [

  17. TonyKanameKuran

    Coming to Nintendo Switch? Square Enix… take my wallet. ALL OF IT!!!!

  18. xxnike629xx

    0:32 Omnistrike? Is that a bootleg of Omnislash?
    Jokes aside, is this coming to PS4 on disc? Also, how can this even compare to Final Fantasy VII Remake? That's probably going to be the number 1 seller for Square-Enix out of all the games being shown.

  19. Elli

    Can someone confirm is it getting the same ps4 remaster treatment or just port of 360/pc ver? Cause the differences in graphics is pretty huge

  20. Tony Bone

    I was hoping physical version would come out… I've checked the store & im happy with the price 🙂

  21. Carsten

    One of my favorites of its era, and an absolute masterpiece of a soundtrack

  22. Alder613

    Huh? I've never heard of this game before!

  23. Afnan Acchan

    This game started as X360 exclusive then ported to PC. PS3 version was cancelled. Then PS4 got remastered version and now Switch. Xbox One, PC is still missing.

  24. tulle bukk

    Um… PC?

  25. Kareem Alkhairi

    So much yes.

  26. Cody Vaughn

    WILL there be a physical release?

  27. Fake Email

    Xbox please

  28. Scisca

    Great! We need other RPGs from that generation remastered on Switch!

  29. Swine Is Online

    Last Remnant was cool and all, BUT WHERE'S LOST ODYSSEY REMASTERED!?

  30. eend

    where is the xbox one version?

  31. Zzznake Doctur

    IF they can iron out some of the kinks w/ the combat system this remaster could be a must-own for JRPG fans!

  32. Jon Irenicus

    This was a deeply flawed mediocre game back in the day, it absolutely does not need to be remastered, this is just a quick cash grab.

  33. Jimmy snail

    What a crappy game to remaster…..

  34. Popticnerve

    Looks better than that Avengers game SE aired during E3!

  35. Brainslug

    Retail release please!

  36. TheYouTubeBoy

    Why did 26 rude people hit the dislike button?

  37. さわいち


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