THE LAST REMNANT Remastered – Discover the Remnants

THE LAST REMNANT captured the hearts and minds of gamers with its enthralling story, countless characters and intricate battle system. The remastered version with its beautiful graphics and enhanced game engine is available worldwide December 6th on PlayStation®4!

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  1. Its King


  2. Hussain Ahmadi

    Well done Square Enix. Please remaster more RPGs. We want Parasite Eve next plz

  3. Blah Blahs

    Why not switch :/

  4. nastycanadian1975

    Just found out it's only $19.99 on the PS Store come the 6th! OH MAN, this is excellent. I thought it was gonna be a lot more.

  5. Gizelbelcoot

    Designs are on point

  6. kevenzz

    never played that game back when it came out… I may end up buying the remastered version on pc…. I think this game use the same engine as FF13 ?

  7. fishfag

    "Captured the hearts and minds of gamers" is being way too generous, given how it flopped extremely hard. Still, nice to see.

  8. Marcus K

    I wanna say this Game was HARD as f*ck !!! Hopefully this version will come with the PC enhancements.

  9. Sawlyn

    Xbox One backwards compatibility?

  10. ColossalCake

    So that's why it was removed from Steam a few months ago…

  11. larrythebomb5001

    Wonder if we get a discount on steam if we already own the original.

  12. Zane Oneiros

    The trailer from 10 years ago was cooler and more epic than this half hearted rehash with no sound…

  13. Arctic

    Dragon Warrior Monsters remaster when?

  14. Daltoniusz

    PC or X remaster? How much money should i have in wallet?

  15. Mark Naquin

    i finished the game.. but i want a part 2 of the game.. not a remaster version. I try to looked it up on ps store and nothing showed up… so i guessing it will show up next week on ps store. I only digital download my games.. i hate buying disc. They should remaster "lost oddeyse".

  16. Emperor Gao Zu

    lol the PC version maxed looks better than this shit and even worst when i add reshade there is no comparison

  17. Math Silva


  18. Cultura Game

    I loved this game, I can not wait to play the remastered version

  19. Rose

    Can't wait! Love this game so much

  20. Bastían Levia

    oh hello there tidus

  21. OtterloopB

    You guys should remaster Musashi: Samurai Legend. It was a pretty fun game gameplay-wise, just please…


    … give Musashi a new voice. His voice was, for lack of a better word, ugly in the PS2 version. It was so grating that at times I didn't want to play despite the gameplay itself being decent.

  22. Themagnificent7th

    Squeenix isn't doing any of the remasters for xbone, I don't have a PS4 (regretting that so far this console gen), so I guess they won't be getting my money.

  23. Cid Lunius

    I hope this doesn't lag so hard it crashes the universe, again.

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