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Journey into the world of LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII that provides a guided tour of the game’s core gameplay elements. Featuring never-before released footage, viewers are acquainted with the game’s premise, the four primary areas to discover, and the numerous gameplay innovations — from the rebuilt battle system to the time-driven quests, to the open-world exploration and the unique social networking features.

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Official Twitter: @OfficialFFXIII

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available in North America on February 11, 2014 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and for digital download on the PlayStation Network.


  1. Ace C

    Noel, you gotta let go of those parachute pants, buddy.

  2. Jon Yanez


  3. Plague Fields

    Bought the Japanese version, and I'm STILL excited for the English release! It's fantastic!

  4. gustinex

    ffix best ff

  5. moscow3times

    So I have the soundtrack, and have been listening to it none stop for a while now, but unless I'm being crazy I can't find the song that plays from 5:05 till the end of the video,. Des anyone know what it's called?

  6. Omelette Du Fromage

    How come she talks way too serious all the time? She sounds like she wants to punch the quest guy where she gives the fireworks at in this video.

  7. Dragonic159

    Oh my god this is amazing

  8. LeonhartGR


  9. zanychelly

    Seems to be better than 13-1 and 13-2
    13-1 is a total crap

  10. TheElenaFisher

    XD! The saying that she says when she's talking to the chocobo girl! "Meow,Meow,Chocochow."

  11. Juju Jangled

    I can't wait for this game to be release!

  12. arse biscuits

    played japanese version and can safely say this game is utter crap, this trailer makes it look way better than it is

  13. ff1i9htnin9

    1:53 cute

  14. BigBoss

    why japan get it first then we get it 2 months later

  15. BigBoss

    also what happens if i dont complete the game and all quest is that it the game finished or something

  16. Mystasmo0th1

    I have no idea If i'll get this game, people either really love lightning or greatly hate her.. I'll wait to see what the reviews have to say prior to release. The graphics during the movies are always top notch with Square, but when it comes down to gameplay it looks like PS2 graphics at times… I'm not all about graphics seeing how im playin breath of fire 3 right now, but I somehow hope that this game is being poorly made because everyone is putting in more work for alas Final Fantasy 15 <3

  17. Victoria Song


  18. froexenfrotz

    So they mixed Xillia 2's Weapon Shift System with Narikiri Dungeon's Costume System…

  19. catokeeffe

    I'm excited for the game, but who wrote the copy for this ad?  It's terrible.  It sounds like it was google translated from Japanese.  I suppose this is what you get when Square-Enix fires all the staff at their US office.

  20. Tim Shundo

    This looks so much better than the first few trailers let on. Thank god I'm excited again.

  21. rubeetora

    Nice Tour Trailer, At least here, they really showcased what this series is about. I wish the story won't disappoint me. Read a review and it wasn't nice… but with this trailer, I'm way excited again. I'm crossing my fingers… Lightning! Also, I Love the "Meow Meow Chocochow" :3 haha 

  22. Gabe Tenaglia

    Oh, FFXIII series. I don't care what anyone else says, you will always have a special place in my heart as one of the best series' I've ever played. XIII-2 set the bar astronomically high, but I'm positive Lightning Returns is going to wow me!

  23. オルソンフィリップ

    that manly voice didn't really match the video for some reason :c I kinda expected Claire to talk me through this ;(

  24. ProPinkist

    This trailer is probably the best; now I'm SO excited oh my goddd. 😀 The whole game sort of gives off an Indiana Jones vibe (at least to me), which is AWESOME.

  25. Stand up to the Internet Bullies

    omg so many good games in 2012! zelda, ff14, ff15, smash bros, blade and soul, dkc tropical freeze!

  26. Lee m

    obviously not marketed correctly since the game doesn't come out till next year and this only has 11 k views in 3 days. Considering its a major developer this is piss poor.

    When will SE ever learn…

  27. Mikebtheawsome

    Finally a Final fantasy game where you can simple step to the side to avoid an enemy attack

  28. SuperRandall93

    Wow tht was just thowing the moogle just took to a whole new level my teeth is aking for this game

  29. KAMILL


  30. RevyTwoHand

    This was the best video yet. The most outright info on the game they have released yet. Seems to be using a "Tales of" real time Battle system. And the Social networking options sounding interesting. Why can't February get here any sooner!

  31. Sergio Durán

    I love the Final fantasy action RPG Why the Nintendo consoles are not included? do you have forgothen wich console has seen the Final fantasy series born? NES Nintendo Entretaiment system please make it, I am a final fantasy fan but I do not follow sony / microsoft (Linux user) because their consoles are so expensive but I want to play it, as a plus if you make a special edition for PC via Steam please make shoure you are creating it for the 3 mos popular OS' in the world Windows mac and Linux, do not forget the Linux version please

  32. Kaito Mori

    just throwing this out there seiken densetsu 3 shuld have a remake for 3/2ds for me would be an instant sell and im shure that many others would love it, square please do this I'm counting on you.

  33. michael cancino

    how can you enjoy this game and explore or just take time to appreciate the game if oyu're crunched by the time limit? come on!

  34. Muffin Toast

    lighting: fuck everything

  35. MogCloud

    @S. E. Durán, totally I agreed you! That Final Fantasy was in NES. So, now no make excuse… Wii U really great experience with GamePad. So badly I die-hard Final Fantasy series.

  36. Rebecca Tomaz

    I miss the summons, they're my favorites! one of the reasons I won't buy it. :'(

  37. Almighty Setzer Gaming

    Awesome vid!

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