The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition

Werdet Zeuge, wie der fünfte Teil der Elder Scrolls-Reihe in diesem Live-Action-Trailer zum Leben erwacht.

Die Skyrim Special Edition erscheint am Freitag, den 28. Oktober jetzt auch für Xbox One und PlayStation 4.


  1. ZERO

    Werde ich mir definitiv zulegen. :-D. Preis?

  2. Bizarre Poyo

    Holy shit

  3. Sarah Gonzales

    I am going to have to rush to the store Friday morning to get myself this game. I wanna be a fucking dragon born.

  4. Ya Boi Panda

    çüküm kalktı

  5. jhett cannon

    there really needs to be a skyrim movie….

  6. Xof Daed

    They should make a skyrim movie :O

  7. Владимир Сбродов


  8. DrunkDragon

    Кончил.. (* – *)

  9. Hayden Jakobi

    Who else saw this as a commercial on adult swim

  10. Gwynbleidd

    We need a Elder Scrolls movie

  11. Semlali Souhail

    Make a movie!

  12. John Doe

    Fus ro dah!!!

  13. pacman frog gamer

    wow. better than actual skyrim. and you used the Dragon battle music.

  14. Sarchanix

    In contrary with the real game, all citizens and guards would instead fight the dragon.

    The funny part is the dragon wouldn't stand a chance xD

  15. Noa Zitu

    This is way better with the Dragonborn comes song sung by that really talented fan

  16. Cat in Hat

    Little kids play with Nords, real men play with Khajiits.
    Dragonborn should have been a Khajiit

  17. Ian Rosas

    Whoa whoa, the citizens don't run in the game! They just attack the dragon and get in the way when you try to attack it and gets you a bounty

  18. Erek

    This video is underated

  19. Meer Mohammed

    Why i haven't seen this video until now… ?

  20. Dana Rogz

    My heart skipped 7 beats

  21. Reiner Sarkozo von Richter

    Что это за город? По форме стражи – Рифтен, по архитектуре и погоде – Виндхельм.

  22. box VA

    This is what Imagine they wanted the game be like but either didn't have the time or ability to do it

  23. PzSoldat

    Слыш купи

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