The Elder Scrolls Online: #OurElderScrolls mit Cristina Scabbia

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Wir feiern die The Elder Scrolls Online-Community und das nicht zu knapp! Unter #OurElderScrolls finden derzeit verschiedenste Ingame-Events statt.

Es gibt natürlich auch berühmte Fans, die sich in Tamriel tummeln, unter anderem Cristina Scabbia, die Sängerin der italienischen Alternative-Metal Band Lacuna Coil.
Wir haben sie bei einem Konzert in Dresden getroffen, bei dem sie zu The Elder Scrolls Online und ihrem Charakter aus dem Nähkästchen plaudert

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  1. Ave Nelegean

    Cristina you are wonderfull i love your Dark elfe ???

  2. Sharôn Opehliac de Clair

    Criiiii ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Sophie Jay

    Love Cristina

  4. DarkAngelusV

    I'd love to team up with her 🙂

  5. Rowan Torisade

    Elder Scrolls + Cristina Scabbia = Absolute Awesomeness ,,/ ,,/

  6. Lucia La Rezza

    Cristina, the proud of Italy.
    Ti adoro. ❤

  7. Ordine di Shor

    Cristina ti aspettiamo in Gilda!!❤️

  8. Nerissa Crawford

    I want to play with her! OMG!!! ??

  9. Shanks Le Roux

    Oh, can't you play in PC-EU? I would like to run dungeons together.

  10. Skyrim curou meu câncer!

    If you want a Vampire bite, FRoncaratti_BR

  11. Alcast

    Interesting Choice

  12. GodILoveAlcohol

    Dark Elf because of course just look at her haha

  13. Echoir Kavre

    This is so great! jaja

  14. rnodify

    Light attack spam huh…

  15. R4V1D

    Share your build with us! /s

  16. Sam P.

    The game is so deep in shit after your neglect that you have to do this now? Celebrities pretending to play this game won't make it good

  17. Josué dlTLl. EngScD.

    @0:44 No game nor anything else could ever do a better version of you Christina, than the actual you ?

  18. Omni Roleplay

    Love it, very cool.

  19. RaijinHanshi

    This game is perfect for casual players such as Cristina Scabbia, but if you really want to go somewhere, and participate in end gaming content is where things turn into shit. ZOS has made it where it is required for everyone to obtain vMA weapons to get 30k + DPS… and yes… you must either own the Orsinium DLC or have a subscription to ESO Plus… This isn't part of the base game so it's clearly pay-to-win. Also the meta is also outrageous, and you more less force to play a certain race to benefit from such passives… for an example if I wanted to produce high DPS to participate in vTrials for stam toons I must be a Redguard following khajiit and wood elf for stamblades. Also if I wanted to become a tank I must play as an Argonian due to the passives.

  20. izuzetni

    Night elf Mohawk!

  21. Nokcturna

    Omggg so nice to know she plays too hahaha <3 awesomeee!!

  22. Kodie Fisk

    I've been listening to Lacuna Coil since I was 13. Huge fan of both!!

  23. GoddessOwl35

    Sick she is from one of FAVORITE BAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD FROM LACUNA COIL THEY ARE FROM MILAN ITALY I LOVE THEM MY FAVORITE BAND OH SO AWSOME the band seem so down to earth they don't seem stuck up like some band's get I'm gonna play some ESO right to Tamriel travler ha I'm such a nerd Lacuna Coil have been my #1 favorite band since i found the music video Trip The Darkness video ever since i have all the albums i need to get there merch and The Elder Scrolls merch to I love to play The Elder Scrolls Online everyday or when i can.

  24. Marcos

    Cristina ❤️❤️

  25. Morgana Lefey

    Because retired Ozzy with WoW are old…

  26. n3ur0 h4ck3r

    Objective facts. She should have done porn a long time ago. Nobody cares about that music it's mostly shitty and boring. Elder Scrolls is SP. Stop posing as vampires and other creatures etc because it's narcissistic and stupid.

  27. joe white

    Lacuna coil + ESO = LIFE

  28. Allan Lemos

    I'd never imagine she plays games,now I like even her more.

  29. Chris Sk

    love love love love Lacuna coil

  30. Allan Vieira

    Anyone knows the psn id of cristina? ?

  31. Havel The Rock

    Nothing is cool about eso; Stop talkin shit!

  32. Shadows Within

    Always liked their sound, and listened to them on and off for a couple of years. And it doesn't hurt the lead singer is kinda cute, and now to know she is a gamer. And also playing
    a franchise that really opened up my eyes, to the possibilities of what a video game could be. I was playing world of warcraft, and as a kid had spent time in the arcades. With you know street fighter, mortal combat, street racer and such. So that kind of cartoon look, I figured that was as good as video games were going to get. So when I first bought Skyrim and found myself in that cart on my way to Sovengarde, and to the see the tree's and snow. The more life like graphics, well my jaw hit the floor and it was a special moment in my gaming journey. And it's nice to see Cristina playing ESO and having a lot of fun with it, and encouraging for other female gamers. Gaming should be inclusive to everyone, for us all to get on line and have fun together and enjoy hanging out. Meeting and talking with beautiful people from all over the world, that to me is special and what I look forward to the most. Although ESO had a bit of a rough start when it first released, I was a beta tester and tried to help where I could. I saw the potential of what this game could be, and I'm very happy at how hard Zenimax has worked to really bring this game to the standard it needed to be. Are there still some problems yes, but I'm not concerned as I feel they will be fixed. So this is just my own personal thoughts, one gamer to other gamers all over the world. Cannot wait to see you all soon online, keep rocking and being awesome.

  33. Troll of 229: Ant the variable


  34. Troll of 229: Ant the variable


  35. Donald Trump

    What my Dick wouldn't do to meet this chick.

  36. Ryan Bailey

    Wait a minute, wait a minute… You mean to tell me that she's hot as fuck, sings in a metal band, speaks with an Italian accent AND plays ESO in her spare time!?!

    I want to marry this woman, right now!! ?

  37. The 80s Live Again

    No female vocalist can touch christiana with all due respect to her and her peers. There are plenty awesome female vocalists out there that I like. But this amazing woman is in a league of her own.

  38. singing4hope

    She not only rocks but is also a gamer chick. Wow

  39. Weim eiqer

    I'm not be impress

  40. Ale

    Ma parece Laura Pausini

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