On March 15th, 2014, the opening reception of THE ART OF FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster gallery exhibition took place at the Gallery Nucleus, with Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Art Director Yusuke Naora in attendance. Featuring activities, signings, and a special live art demonstration, several attendees even took the time to tell us why FINAL FANTASY X was so special to them. Listen to their stories, and check out this recap of an incredible day for many FINAL FANTASY fans.

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster is now available for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Order your copy today!

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  1. Skyman161

    To be honest the X  never called my interest until when i saw a live stream of the game a while ago. The beginning was amazing and then i started to play the full game by myself. Have to agree FFX was a really good game, is third in my top 5 ff game 

  2. Sergeant Cinnamonroll

    I just finished the hd remaster and it was also my first time playing FFX and FFX-2 and all I can say is "all these WASTED YEARS of not playing these 2 amazing games! D: FFX had always been in my top final fantasy list but now that i've actually had the chance to play both and in HD was definitely a HUGE bonus! some FF fans may not have enjoyed X-2 but I absolutely loved it! 😀 the final fantasy X game series is a true masterpiece and I've enjoyed every minute of playing Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered! ^__^
     well done SQUARE! well done!

  3. 女神転生GioGio

    Bring more Dragon Quest for fucks sake! FF13 is my fave.

  4. The God Emperor

    So when are you going to have true cross-buy for FFX HD? Or when are you going to have an option where you buy Vita version with FFX and FFX-2 in a cartridge form, not download? Meh to downloading a large game on such limited space on these expensive sony cards lol…

    Btw, people here claiming FFX is the best are wrong 😛 even Sakaguchi, the man who we have to thank for why we have FF in the first place, even says FF9 is his personal favorite and the best. FFX is good (and I think FFX-2 is a but underrated by people, the gameplay was good, the core story was interesting in some ways, but it was a lot of fluff with side quests/mini-games)

  5. Corneilous Browning

    Final Fantasy is DeaD I can't wait till persona 5

  6. Corneilous Browning

    I Bet if they would have done this with FF13 one person would have shown up.

  7. Amanojaku8

    This game marked the beginning of the end for the FF series. Bar FFXII (which apparently was not well received by "fans"), the offline games have become a complete joke.

  8. Maxim Golota

    Я аж прослезился под конец. 

  9. Sch. Video

    wow :"

  10. Magical0 1Sensei

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  11. Jada P

    Still play this game now love it so much

  12. knightofmiracles

    You guys are amazing #KnightOfMiracles plus #Nite0fRa

  13. knightofmiracles

    I want share my inner and outer universes #MasterMagicalO1sensei

  14. knightofmiracles

    I voted twice on the favorite moments I put Ra and La for Russell Abordo and Lily Abordo

    So I play a game with myself will Ra or Luna win but then I though of making it a hashtag #Nite0fRa vs #Nite0fLuna

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  15. Redmoonwarrior Kiyohime

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  16. MasterMagicalO 1sensei

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  21. Magical0 1Sensei

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  23. Redmoonwarrior Kiyohime

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  24. RedHare MaidKnight

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  25. 0megamanzer0

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  26. Russell Abordo

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  27. Russell Abordo

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