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Think you have raised the strongest guardians? Upon completion of I Am Setsuna’s story, enter the Temporal Battle Arena from the Last Lands, where you can test the might of your guardians against others that have also completed Setsuna’s pilgrimage in this upcoming party vs party update. Teams that emerge victorious will be rewarded with items belonging to the other team! This Nintendo Switch exclusive update is coming April 13, 2017. I Am Setsuna is AVAILABLE NOW in the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch!


o http://iamsetsuna.com/us/
o http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/i-am-setsuna-switch
o https://www.facebook.com/SquareEnix/
o https://twitter.com/squareenix


  1. Elnatan137


  2. Blade


  3. Lucas Nobre

    Hey, look, I know you guys want to make people buy the game on the Switch, but this is not the way to do it. What about everyone who bought the game on Steam or on any other plataform ? Do we just watch ?

    Anyways, hopefully this is just a 'timed exclusive' update, I loved the game and I'd like to go back and play it even more.

    Also, I hope It sells really well on the Switch !

  4. Mike Talanca

    Seeing this as Switch exclusive is really disappointing. I'm such a huge fan of this game, having purchased it on day one and marathoning it to the end. This won't make me buy a Switch, but it will make me think twice about buying any more SE titles on PC if this trend continues. Hopefully this content eventually gets ported over.

  5. Darius Bestor

    I want to buy this for my Switch… I honestly can't justify that $40 price tag though… Just can't.

  6. imouto4hire

    fuck off Square

  7. Nico Robin

    Any chance of an English version of the physical release?

  8. Isaac B39

    So many butthurt people disliking this video lol

  9. Elysium Strife

    Cinematic 30 fps

  10. Sharito742

    So many crybabies!! Switch Master Race!!!

  11. OmegaReviews

    Exclusive content is anti-consumer. I was considering picking this up, but now with anti-consumer business moves I'll never pick it up (unless it's just timed exclusive)

  12. Rayhaku808

    I guess it's nice to have all systems.

  13. Alakazam3K

    That music was very Chrono Triggery <3

  14. ShadowNextGenn

    Good job Square Enix. I look forward to playing this on my Switch. 🙂

  15. Clark Ballinger

    Thanks for supporting the Switch! i really like the game so far. Well done guys

  16. TallulahSoie

    This is extremely annoying. I continue to question Square Enix's management and think whoever the top people in charge of need to be fired. The blow back I am Setsuna's team is going to receive because of this is extremely unfair.

  17. Kross The Octoling

    what about final fantasy xv in nintendo switch

  18. Daniel Lefebvre

    More smartphone games on their next gen console… disappointing.

  19. NinStation

    Mmm seems interesting, I'm looking forward to this new content.

  20. Tryhardblackguy

    So people didn't complain about the Wii U missing so much content but they complain about the Switch getting exclusive content? Fuck off.

  21. AfroGoon

    This is by far one of the most retarded things Square has ever done, that's cool though just completely disregard and spit in the face of the day one buyers on PC and PS4. Because making a gamemode exclusive makes complete sense (spoilers: it doesn't).

  22. Ebefren Revo

    the Switch, an "inferior" system, get his very first 3rd party exlusive and then all the Sony fanboys and Pc mustard race go nuts with salty comments.


  23. Amaazin A

    This update is really unnecessary. You guys should just make a new game.

  24. Megabomb

    I am wondering when we are going to get something that is not a port and is something that looks like a console game at the same time. Because so far, games that looks like something for a console is coming extremely late while ports or games that looks like they are for mobile devices are coming to the switch.

  25. 166Anna

    I'm still waiting this for the Vita.

  26. Shelby Cat

    F*ck Nintendo Switch. Making game updates "system exclusive" is just douchey, Squeenix.

  27. Not Liam B

    This is coming from someone who owns the Switch version of the game, I think its really shitty of Square Enix to only put this content on Switch, If other people bought the game on different platforms they should get the full experience.

  28. Norma Vazquez

    People salty because the Switch is getting a lot love from SE, but when there is exclusive content for their console of choice is ok -_- smh

  29. Nafarious One

    I just downloaded this game last night and I was wondering if you had to finish the game first before getting to this content. Oh well, liking it, so far.

  30. Corvo Attano

    Square Enix port Deus Ex Human Revolution on IOS

  31. Chris Illingworth

    Good game a lot of fun in handheld mode on Switch worth buying. Nice to see free DLC.

  32. CircleFly

    Haven't got this game yet. Guess I got lucky holding out for the NS Switch version.

  33. RpgRamy

    i feel this is more a timed exclusive than anything else

  34. PsyGnosiS

    we are square enix and we don't care that this game sold 10 times more before the switch so we release switch exclusive dlc

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