Xiaomi's BEST Mopping Robot: Viomi V2 Pro. Review & Test

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  1. Belinda Kuah

    Please dont buy the big water tank (V2 pro). Easily rust n whole tank cannot be used. I had this n within 1.5 mths i changed 2 big tank. Then finally the technician told me to get the 2-in-1 tank cos no more rust n can use. No refund back my SGD80 for purchasing the 2nd water tank. Till now i am still very sore over this.

  2. Paulo Reis

    If I don't want to use the mop feature, I don't use water in the tank and the robot just works, right? Or the robot has a function like, water tank empty and doesn't work?

  3. Ana Vadastreanu

    Hello ! Does it work on black carpets ?

  4. רחל הורוביץ

    Thank you for the review. Can I add soap to the water tank ?

  5. Tobias Hederstad

    It seemed really nice, but 05:20 really was a deal breaker for me. Roborock for me. Great review, thanks

  6. Jhong Lim

    Can we put powerbank on it?

  7. Shirley Goh

    Hihi! This is a great review, and I'm currently loving my Viomi V2 pro. But I cannot find the function on my Mi Home app for the robot to mop in the Y manner like yours at 3min50 sec. Could you guide me as to where I can find that function in the app? My robot only goes straight now when its mopping 🙁

  8. Kenneth Lin

    would you be able to do a comparison between Roborock S5 Max with Viomi V2 pro?

  9. Laurent Debacker

    One issue with the design of the water tanks (both dust+water and water only tanks), is that the little water hoses constantly leak a bit a water. The fact is that the hoses are little hole at the bottom of the tank where you pour the water. The motor seems to simply take some air from outside and blow it inside the tank to force some water through the holes.

    I guess that this design is very durable because you should not get scared that pipes or motor will be full of calc and get stuck by it, but it means that you can't let it rest for too long wait a tank full of water, because it would slowly leak.

  10. gusevaj

    Thank you for the great review! Hesitating between the new 360 S6 Pro and Viomi V2 Pro. I understand the 360 has a better vacuum performance and the app is great, but mopping is not as good as Viomi. Or maybe that is still sufficient. Any advice?

  11. Leahcim

    Can you set daily automatic cleaning time? It does go back to its charger by its own right?

  12. fcbjanko

    Is it possible to close out the rugs from mopping feature?

  13. bojan vuckovic

    Great review Please tell me comparing Viomi V2 Pro, Roborock S5, Roborock s6 which is best?

  14. Дмитрий Гурец

    HI. I want to tell you about the problem of the central brush.

    The problem with the main brush.Viomi Cleaning Robot V-RVCLM21B and Robot Vacuum-Mop P STYTJ02YM.

    The main brush stops when the vacuum cleaner is on the carpet. After two minutes it starts up again, but after another minute it stops again. And so constantly while the vacuum cleaner on the carpet. There is no such problem on the floor, the main brush works continuously. In the "remote control" mode, the main brush does not stop on the carpet.

    The problem is not only with my vacuum cleaner, other robot owners Viomi Cleaning Robot V-RVCLM21B and Mijia Robot Vacuum STYJ02YM reported the same problem on the forum. Model: Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P STYTJ02YM.

    But personally, I experience such a problem with brushing, even on smooth floors, such as tile laminate and linoleum. The brush stops after 1 minute, and starts after 2 minutes, and such a cycle throughout the entire cleaning

    Do you know anything about this problem? The fact is that the brush works non-stop in the control mode.This problem is only in automatic cleaning mode.

    Please give me an answer regarding this issue. I think this is a problem in the firmware.Thank.

  15. Mikołaj Jastrzębski

    How does mopping works when the vacuum gets on carpet? Does it mop the carpet?

  16. Damon parker

    I imagine a piece of small flexible plastic over the dust bin hole would allow the vacuum to operate properly and not allow small things to come out.

  17. Pop Sigismund

    Big firmware problem is not only with my vacuum cleaner, other robot owners Viomi Cleaning Robot V-RVCLM21B The main brush stops after 1 minute,Please give me an answer regarding this issue. I think this is a problem in the firmware.Thank I want the 3.5.8_0030 version back

  18. Liam Terblanche

    They've done a firmware update in late May, which breaks the mopping (not dispensing water) and breaks the navigation (can no longer point to certain rooms on my map for targeted cleaning. On their Viomi Tech facebook page, on 22 May: "Hello, We are in the last phase, finalizing and testing.
    After that we will hand it over too Xiaomi. From that point Xiaomi will schedule it to be pushed to the users in batches."

    So I would strongly discourage buying this product. Definitely not worth it if they can so easily break the firmware and 8 weeks later, not fix it.

  19. yolcu

    I think this is almost same with the Xiaomi vacuum mop pro…

  20. Elentari

    Hi! Thinking between Viomi V2 pro and Xiaomi Mijia 1c – and I'm not able to reason the difference in price, why is Viomi more expensive when it has weaker suctioning power? What would you suggest buying?

  21. Liam Terblanche

    Yet another week without a patch for the hideous bugs that slipped through on the V2 Pro 4 months ago.
    I've been a huge Xiaomi supporter. Now I discourage everyone from buying Xiaomi products. With such poor development support, anything that you buy, can be broken by incompetent developers shortly thereafter.
    Wish I could ask for my money back and buy a vacuum robot somewhere else!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  22. alx84

    What a nice finding on flaws in design of a dust-only tank!
    Btw the pretty much the same device but called differently (Xiaomi Mop-P / Mijia LDS / STYTJ02YM /STYJ02YM ) is sold under Xiaomi brand itself and it costs just a tiny bit more 2 hundreds bucks.

  23. Florin Grejdinoiu

    Does anyone have this error?
    "the mop has not been installed?"
    How can it be solved?

  24. Jarhead

    Roborock S5 Max is the best

  25. Gábor Luky

    This is my first robot vacuum cleaner. I am using it for a year, but I definitely don't recommend to anyone. I have issues with it from the first day. It randomly suspend the operation for no reason. I need to start it over around 8-10 times per cleaning. The water tank now also stopped to give water. So don't buy it, it doesn't worth the money it cost.

  26. rgnrok mobile

    Charging dock need 24 hours ON or need off? I used for daily routine

  27. C Liew

    At 7:12 in the clip, you mentioned that you could not get the Mi Home mobile app to work. I found out that it only works on 2.4GHz WiFi. Once I turned on that frequency in my access point, vola, it works seamlessly. Thanks for sharing your video.

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