Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 drop test by Redmi CEO Lu Weibing (21.01.2019)

xiaomi #redmi Today Redmi CEO Lu Weibing decided to do another interesting test. Additional questions: A total of 18 steps are known, the drum drop time is 4 …


  1. Xiaomishka

    Сам тест больше напоминает спуск с горы в «зорбе») Но из тех тестов которые публиковались на странице Redmi за пару дней, пока самый интересный. Делимся с другими, чтобы фанаты знали на что сейчас китайские боссы тратят время.

  2. sathish kumar

    Pls lanuch in india soon Waiting egarly

  3. Mihai Serban Cotabitiu

    Not a relevant test!!! Kick it or drop it directly on the stairs.

  4. Random Palmtop Gaming

    Thanks for wasting my time xiaomi. Utterly moronic video

  5. Replaceta Decapullo

    Obviamente si lo metes dentro de una papelera no le va a pasar nada. Las paredes de la papelera no son demasiado duros y, además, impiden que los impactos acumulen recorrido. Cualquier teléfono superaría esta prueba sin problemas.

  6. Damir Bajrektarevic

    Big deal, drop it without

  7. Dia Duanmi

    Fanati Huawei stavjat dizi. Xiaomi top!

  8. Vignesh Moorthy

    00:3100:33 Camera cuts, change of angles. LoL . Not even sure if it's the same phone which is "safe in ducted Dustbin"

  9. jwala deep

    when you buy note 7 please carry the trash bin, keep phone inside the trash bin and wrap it otherwise warranty won't covered.

  10. Amit Priyadarshi

    utter bullshit. My redmi note 5 was in charge.. and came out of the cable itself and fell and broke the glass. The phone cost was 10000Rs and the glass replacement cost was 3500Rs.. Like 35% of the new phone.. Is this a joke…???

  11. Green Peace

    Хренотень какая то)

  12. Green Peace

    Надо попробовать засунуть мобилу в мяч футбольный.

  13. Tibor Végh

    Keep him in his office, don't let him out next time. Phone looks good the test is lame, it rather hurts the brand image.

  14. King Uni

    All these hype videos:

    1) Smashed a watermelon with the phone

    2) Dropped a durian on the phone and the durian split in half

    3) Drop test of the phone in a trash can rolling down the stair?

    4) Had a line of people to step on it mercilessly

    In the end, the phone itself failed from jerryrigeverything's bend test, when 80% or even 90% of the phones he tested survived his durability test.

    Much exaggerate hypes? These Chinese marketing, lol…

  15. João Pedro

    Me decepcionei com a durabilidade dele.
    Com uma queda de 15cm de altura ele trincou toda a tela estando com película e capa protetora.
    Celular em questão de durabilidade é péssimo

  16. Marek Jedrusik

    Almost every one phone could survive this test

  17. Nice Amorim.

    Queria um aparelho de prensete 🎁

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