Xiaomi Redmi 5 – Durability Test – Drop test, Scratch test ,Water test, Flame test & Bend test

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  • Xiaomi Redmi 5 – Durability Test – Drop test, Scratch test ,Water test, Flame test & Bend test

Xiaomi Redmi 5 , one of the best phones available for its price point under goes durability test. Can it Survive? ?? Check out! Also we are currently running a …


  1. Ayne07

    Dude, stop copying jerry.

  2. Ronal_Romero

    do you can translate the video to spanish?


    my mobile redmi 5

  4. Pranjal Das

    But my screen has many scratches

  5. ꧁ Sayakuru The Føx ꧂

    I hv redmi 5:p

  6. Kamlesh Thakur

    Saxi Bhai I have also redmi 5

  7. MiniSniper

    Yes I now know what abuse my phone can handed tanks a lot new sub 😀

  8. N3KROSs aaw

    Говорыте па русски

  9. Abhijith C V

    You copied jerryrigeverything

  10. M.hasnainbhattif.s Bhatti

    It's really waterproof????

  11. Archimedes Andrei Lagunilla

    Thats unbelievable if the screen has reached lvl 6 for scrathces how did i have scratches for no reason

  12. Marcu Sorbală

    My phone

  13. Syamsul Nawi

    My redmi 5 was fall from 30meter height and only screen was crack..good job Xiaomi

  14. Jasmine Reign Tangcangco

    My Phone…

  15. thanos ks

    i have tried bending a redmi 5 it didn't even move and im doing special finger strength training through climbing
    idfk what that guy is or what he eats

  16. Gopi talwandi

    22 mera phone ase hi tut gya

  17. Superme

    Redmi 5 or oppo a3s? Better?

  18. Giovanni Vici

    Oh no broken…

  19. Pionelox

    This phone has "iPhone" durability i mean you put it on the table and it shatters.

  20. Миморист

    У меня такой телефон!!!!!

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