Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k – Video Quality Comparison! TRUTH TEST – 1080p vs 1440p vs 2160p [4K UltraHD]

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  • Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k – Video Quality Comparison! TRUTH TEST – 1080p vs 1440p vs 2160p [4K UltraHD]

Welcome to this in-depth video comparison! Today I will show you how XIAOMI MI DRONE 4K version performs in video at the most commons 3 resolutions.


  1. Gonzalo Rica Penón

    Nice job man! Big differences.. what do you think? greetings from Spain!

  2. Quadcopter Fun Downunder

    Good job, can see the difference from 1080p compared too the other resolutions. Not as much though between 2k and 4k, and 4k looked a little washed out.
    Why was bit rate so low on 1080p?
    Shame there is no raw video mode 🙁 hopefully this will change!

  3. furiouzzzz

    great comparison mate

  4. Gerben Posthumus

    it looks to me that 1080p 100 frames ps was the sharpest strange enough.

  5. Alexis Komarov

    I suppose the real difference between 1440p 60 fps / 2160p 30 fps scenes is visible only for moving footage. Static scenes show little difference between the two resolutions. I was surprised the stability is not that great, was there a strong wind blowing ?

  6. East Coast Drones

    I have the best video @ 60fps, a lot better than my former DJI Mavic, new Subscriber, hit me back, TY

  7. CzechTop

    I see you have the same problém with shaking footage as me… I think it is actually problém of drone itself – because when you watch closly when drone is hovering, the whole costruction of gimbal and camera is like jiggling on the rubber base, so that is probably the reason… And yes it is a problem – maybe technical, maybe software but this should not happen. In fact if you watch footage from other people, most of them dont have this shakyness in it…

  8. Fuxxxzzz

    Great Video, got subscribed!
    What i see was following:
    1.) In 1080 alot of white noise @ManciuLAND: What is your settings for Sharpnes?
    2.) You have also the Jello Effect

  9. DOPFunk - Oldschool

    Whats the bitrate on 1080p@100fps? That looks horrible. Ohh, its in the description

  10. S C

    Great video. Could you please make some low light simples..
    I have a bebop 2 i use it for photography.
    It takes Great photos with its eyefish but poor video quality.. I want to buy Xiomi drone for recording videos.

  11. TacticalTwig

    I Have tried everything to fix the camera tilting to the one side! I cant Handle the uneven Horizon In my Videos its fine when you are looking down but I want to cry when I see the Horizon.

  12. fotoloco

    Fantastic video! And great scenes as well: a pleasure to watch! Where is this?
    1080p was horrible quality: so surprising! I would have thought that with a 4K sensor they would have made beautiful 1080p. But your test demonstrates that it's not usable.
    4K is splendid and a real no-brainer for all shots.

  13. cristian villegas

    Hi, I appreciate your videos I have xiaomi drone 4k that resolusion recommend me to make videos in nature

  14. ShopMarkExportação

    It makes a video with flight time by filming, recording in 1080p and 1440p and 2160p each .. only to know the duration of flight of the drone in recording

  15. Peter King

    All looks very acceptable to me. I’m very happy with mine.
    What sd card are you using ? 👍🏿👍🏿

  16. Roberto Bonetto

    Very good comparision, many thanks for your job

  17. Neil Cameron

    Great video, waiting for my mi drone to arrive . Watched a few times on my lg c7 oled: 1080p looks garbage by comparison to 2k and 4k. 4k does look best (maybe 20% better subjectively) and more natural colours. I'll be limited to 2k as I don't think my pc will handle 4k editing.

  18. Paul Wingfield

    Very useful comparisons. Can't you change the exposure using the right-hand wheel and wouldn't this have improved the 4K footage?

  19. Marek Szymocha

    Good job. I am interested in panorama mode, when gimbal is mooving…

  20. Én egymagam

    What's the point of 1080p/100fps? Hardly 1080p..looks like 720p..
    Don't worry about 4K overexpose. It's just perfect, so use it. 🙂
    (btw thx for your test, I've watched it on my 4K LGTV set, it was great)
    Do you have horizon-leveling issues w/ your MI4K drone?
    I'm thinkin' about geting one but afraid of horizon-leveling errors.

  21. Evaristo R Rivieccio Vega

    Great!!! You're the best!
    I was worried after recording at 100 fps. What the crap .. my camera was broken?
    NOO! It only records well at 60 fps and 30 fps!

    Great job!

  22. propfella

    I got the feeling your SD card wasn't up to the job. You appear to having frame loss, especially in the earlier shots. Did you change SD cards at any stage? I still think your camera isn't working as it should. It simply doesn't give the indication 4K is working at all well. In fact if you said you'd made a mistake and switched the 1080 with the 4K I'd be inclined to agree. Your 4K is a complete failure in my opinion. Perhaps a comparison between yours and someone else's Mi would sort it out. One thing's for sure, I wouldn't be happy if it was my Mi giving those pictures.

  23. SpectreLX

    Good work and done wisely! Very illustrative samples!
    It's croped videos? What upscale rate you used to show details?
    4K 100%, QHD 150% and FullHD 200%?

  24. propfella

    If I had to choose between the actual video as they stand I'd have to say the 1440 was the best. But if the 4k footage could have it's exposure tamed I'd definitely say 4K by a long way. The washed out look especially on that spillway was a killer. 1080 wasn't even in the running, although it wasn't too bad on simple surfaces such as buildings (apart for the roof of the mansion)

    So knock the exposure back a little and 4K is definitely the better of the three. I'd love to see a full video on that area. The river shots made me feel like going for a swim. 🙂

  25. สหาย แชนแนล

    Can it record at 50fps? And does it have pal or ntsc?

  26. David Torralbo

    Gran trabajo ManciuLAND! Es el mejor DRON en relación calidad/precio, aun así la cámara de vídeo que porta es incapaz de grabar correctamente a 1080p 100fps (PAL) ó 120fps (NTSC). Yo diría que directamente es defectuosa para este tipo de grabación. Lo dicho, gran vídeo el tuyo!!

  27. Naszvad TMY

    Hello, very nice footages. But, if You record a video in 1080p, why is your output 2160p in premier pro? With this output the video is upscaled, and the upscalling can add noise, end image coding errors. In this case the comparison is not realy thrue. Or…? Have a nice day!. 🙂

  28. publiedos

    very well done… clear, quick and directly what I supposed to look for… That´s a LOT of edition in here…. Thxs buddy…. Suscribed and like it… ; )

  29. Mike Pew

    Thank you for that interesting video

  30. ig bugayson

    Или у вас что то с камерой или это не XIAOMI MI DRONE. На вашем видео желе, плохая стабилизация и зернистая картинка. На моем MI DRONE такого нет. Можете зайти и посмотреть. Что то не так с вашим дроном. Спасибо за видео.

  31. Pratchayaphan Tongkaeo

    Wonderful test…

  32. Fernando Lopez

    Vey useful compration, Thank you! I have recorded my holidays videos in 1080P 100FPS, the worst combination 🙁

  33. Cl.H Haas

    Nice job

  34. Aby Abednego

    My xiaomi mi drone 4K video setting 1140/60fps, 1080/100fps, 2160/30fps to many noise, how to remove the noise?

  35. Chao

    4k 30fps is the best one here. i can notice it even my screen at only 1440P


    regalarme el don o me voy a cabrear

  37. Mirage drone

    1440p@60fps is the best in my view.

  38. Nik Shand

    The videos look different due to the frames per second it is taking.

    100fps is useful for motionlapse (eg filming and then speeding up the footage)

    The 60fps 1440 is for cinematic slo-mo

    The 4k is obviously the best.


    If you film in 1440 and then export as a 1080p project for easier upload and workflow you’ll notice hardly any difference.

    30fps is the normal frame rate for cinematic video.

  39. Charles Rollo

    1080p has issues. I record in 4k and adjust levels in post production. It looks great.

  40. Мирянин

    Если кому интересно я могу скинуть ссылку на ролик с видео ми дроном 4 к с настройками в дневное время

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