Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite – video test (1080p, 60FPS, 4K, UWW)

Dies ist ein Video Test des Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite. Zum Testbericht ▻ https://www.chinahandys.net/xiaomi-mi-10t-lite-test/ Abonniere unseren Kanal und …


  1. U H89

    Mich interessiert erstmal, wie viel 5G es kann, sprich: ob man es bedenkenlos in allen deutschen 5G Netzen einsetzen kann, weil es alle Bänder und Anker und DSS unterstützt…

  2. Az Shak

    Thank u

  3. ChrisKadaver

    Why does the chinese manufacturers boost the contrast so that it crushes shadow detail? Check out the 1080p60 footage. Where the stabilization are messed up, the dynamic range is perfect? Check the trees behind the statue in the middle of the lake. There the dynamic range and exposure is perfect. But when the EIS has kicked in, in the other two resolutions the contrast is boosted and the picture looks like crap. Apparently the sensor would manage to correct the exposure and dynamic range so that shadow detail would be intact since it shows in the 60 fps footage. Any suggestion why it always is like this with the chinese phones?

    Also look at the color in the grass between 30 and 60fps. At 60 it's soo much more natural than the 30fps modes.

  4. Thomas Fischer

    Hey Kollege bist Du etwa in Veitshöchheim ?

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