Xiaomi Mi 10T AFTER 1 MONTH GAME TEST | Should Buy or Not ? | PUBG Mobile

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  1. Aikos

    How many fingers do you play? 2,3,4,5 or 6😱 I'm playing 4 fingers😎


    I'm gonna buy

  3. Iboy 2008

    How to record with mi 10t?

  4. Snoop Dog

    Underrated legend💪 zup bro

  5. Shubhjit Dolai

    Another clickbait and you will lose a subscriber

  6. Tahir Yousaf

    yrr aap india say ho
    mujhy lga pakistan say ho

  7. William Ezra

    Better poco f2 pro or mi 10t?

  8. KnockOut Gaming

    Why your video is fast?

  9. DyarI Abdaluwahid

    Some one tell me iam buy mi 10 tpro or iPhone 11 for all thing gaming and camera??

  10. TEN ZREX

    U give me faith in andriod again that why your so great. People always be like Uh you need an iphone to be good but your prove then wrong

  11. Tanmay Dwivedi

    Bro after android 11 update fps meter changed it is showing 90 hz and something resolution type can you explain?

  12. Ahmet Çelik

    Mi 10 t or mi 10 t pro ?

  13. Hamza Qureshi

    Sir plzzzzz one Controls and sensitivity settings plzzzzzzzzzzzz sir . Big respect big fan sir ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💞

  14. DW 『ÑöMï』

    Fuck you

  15. GamerPH xd

    do you experience heating issue while playing games

  16. Jr Jan77

    Awesome gameplay aikos….😍


    Bro change your layout pls

  18. PUMAX

    Ipad mini5 or mi 10t

  19. Abdul Sami

    Bro realme gt or mi10t

  20. Tharun Suresh

    Is there fps drop?

  21. Sunnat Zaynutdinov

    Why don't buy mi 10t

  22. The Max Gamer

    Bro you are playing Europe server and put flag of India fuck you bull shit 😡😡🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 😑
    Cheater killing some bot enemies and making videos cheater 😡😡🖕🖕🖕

  23. Mr Xexo


  24. Pro x

    Mi 10 T op you know 90FPS


    Bro how much ram phone u using 6/128gb or 8/128gb?

    6/128gb is worth buying now or should i wait for k40?
    Plzz reply

  26. Tegano Gaming

    Now don't buy this phone, buy any smart phone that has sd 888 .

  27. Tegano Gaming

    Aikas bro pls share your controls and sensitivity. Plssss

  28. hassnain baloch

    bro My phone Is Mi10 T And I Useing 2 mouth But Is Phone Not Lag I Play Many Costom.room. And Compative Bro.Why You Say This Phone Is not Bye Is Phone Is Very Good Yar Reply Plzzz Bro My 3COMMENT you Not Rply My Comment Bro

  29. Raehan Nulhakim

    Kode kontrol bro plisss

  30. ooo Hisman

    Bro which is better for pubg iphone xr or mi10t?plz help me.im confuse

  31. ASIA gaming

    Good palyar

  32. KnoxDC

    After watching lot's of video i recognise u haven't killed single indian player🥴🥴

  33. Shahmir Shahid

    I subbed to you ur content is literally the same as levinho

  34. SHAKIB

    Lol my kd: 4.35 with 170/200 ms alloys

  35. Janxentify

    i just subbed because i see your talent. u deserve more subs

  36. HI • HELLO trademarket 2

    My phone start lagging after android 11 update

  37. A gaMing

    Well played bro👌👌

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