World of Tanks Blitz ” Maus GuP Mod Test " FOE Horis Noob Play :D

Asia Server 5.5 inch display play test スマホのちっさい画面、ぜんぜん慣れませんな。。


  1. Teeratab Tanyawantana

    song ?? mod ??

  2. Teeratab Tanyawantana

    Music during the battle. mod ???

  3. Noor Hamdi

    do you have the link to the mod, only the Maus camouflage is enough.

  4. kiko mozgo


  5. Otto

    Hi I am ___OTTO___ [TEA]. Wanna platoon? 🙂

  6. อารมณ์ดี เพราะมีเธออยู่

    i love this song. It is druing the game?
    and what is the link to downlode

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