Whoop Strap 3.0 Review: Two runners test the fitness band loved by pro athletes

The Whoop Strap 3.0 is a wearable with no screen that wants to get you thinking about how and when you train and making you think more about your recovery.


  1. Jim

    I tried the Whoop strap and was unimpressed. Their subscription model is overpriced. Especially when the strap is based on wrist based, optical HRM technology.

    Things like the Oura ring do a far better job of sleep tracking and HRV because of the placement on the finger. And dedicated GPS watches do a better job of running metrics

    Another draw back from my experience was that the Strain score only really accumulates when doing cardio (I realize your channel focuses on running) but for people interested in using it for resistance training too, strength training sessions do not increase the Strain score much. Even though you could be gassed from a near max strength training session.

  2. allride

    So when I was thinking about getting it i made a mental pros/cons list. As far as I remember it went like this

    Pros use it
    Looks kinda cool
    Promise of a performance boost
    GF can't complain about a screen lighting up in her face during the night

    Giving a score out of 21? WTF? Not a number I can easily understand
    Can't check anything unless I am on my phone
    Another device to charge
    Data not as useful and reliable as hoped (according to many reviews)
    PRICE!!!11!1!1!!!11!!!! After one year of paying for this i can get a good garmin watch that has similar features, similar accuracy and plenty of other features.

    So I didn't get it. I got a Garmin 945 (and a stryd foot pod) instead.
    I know i mentioned price twice. At first it didn't seem too bad but when I calculated the yearly cost of that thing… Jesus!

  3. allride

    Great review. Thanks. Makes me feel even better about my choice against it

  4. Jeff Elliott

    They need to license this data to other manufacturers (garmin?) we already have better HRMs that we wear basically all the time and just want to use their software!

  5. wemorgan

    Great review. Disappointing so many pros are sponsored or support Whoop despite yours and other reviews showing big flaws in the tech with such a premium price. Goes to show the power of marketing.

  6. Jason Caporale

    That is so weird I wear mine only on my rust and I never have gotten random activities or unreliable hr data. Mine is always within a few bpm of my COROS pace 2 (no chest strap).

  7. Billy Rayner

    I took part in the whoop "project pr" study they did last year and found it really interesting. For 8 weeks I'd have a session everyday which was either red, yellow or green depending on my recovery score and I really did find it was a nice way to train. I felt great the whole way through which I wasn't really expecting having just come back from an injury a few weeks before hand.

    They definitely have something interesting, but without plans like the one I followed being more readily available all the time and with all the inaccuracies that most find within the data it is difficult to justify the subscription.

  8. Thomas Gamble

    doubt those PGA guys are at much risk of over exerting themselves ; )

  9. Luka Kolakušić

    Damn Garmin doesn't even have "Feeding Chickens" as an activity!

    Great, honest review as always! It's interesting how often you see Whoop advertised as superb heart rate tracking device. Great marketing strategy, I'll give them that.

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