ViewSonic XG2402 GAMING MONITOR – test and review

ViewSonic XG2402 GAMING MONITOR – test and review

ViewSonic XG2405 (IPS Panel):

ViewSonic XG2402 (TN Panel):

►144Hz refresh rate
►1ms Rapid Response Time
►22-Level Black stabilization
►Game Mode Hotkey
►AMD FreeSync™ technology
►Low input lag for seamless gaming experience

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  1. Knut

    When I set it up I can't use my nividea controle panel anymore? Also I can't use it's in game overlay it says the display does not have a nividea GPU?

  2. IJABot

    hey i have exactly this monitor for about a year and i have only problem i don't why but i can't portrait it like this 5:05 what i need to do i'm trying to do this but i can't i'm afraid of breaking it

  3. Chris

    how good are the speakers? btw thanks for still being active in the comments

  4. Tee ShK

    Man I need a 144hz monitor but with a good image quality.. Im currently on a cheap ips 75hz monitor. Should I go for this xg2402 or no?

  5. Supertechdiamond

    i dont have a amd gpu but what does freesync actually do?

  6. Sehrn

    Can someone tell me what the FPS mode does on the monitor

  7. Naruto Kun

    Can this monitor run fortnite apex pubg and other games in full resolutions without pc help pls reply?

    Btw ronaldo's twin

  8. Ikrama Asif

    Does this, or any other costly 144hz monitors come with the displayport cable in the box?

  9. Joselito Pagwagan

    Hi sir, a newbie here, can u suggest a best gpu that will run perfectly for that monitor..,thanks sir.

  10. Andre Chartier

    Does It works with g sync ?????!!

  11. ham burger

    Great vid👍

  12. Marcelo M.M.

    4:31 Is that the lowest we can go for sure? I need to put the screen almost at the desk level, because of the design of my furniture which has like a 'mini desk' over the 'main desk'.

  13. Alejandro Lencina

    hi, nice review. 2:26 do you think it's posible to cut/extend the rails to allow the screen to go even lower height?

  14. HatedHero

    Why would you show the monitor in a window? I wanted to see the light distribution. Failed review.

  15. mihajlo Nedeljkovic

    Is this the best monitor for AMD RX 570 4gb?

  16. kaiden ford

    Just to be clear can this monitor be wall mounted with a standard wall mount?

  17. FromAuraWithLove

    jugos si 1000%

  18. luchosb_

    Thin cristiano ronaldo

  19. PurpIz ._.r6

    This dude is out of breath for 89% of the video

  20. orann

    do you need diaplay port to get 144hz on it

  21. YeeT XI

    awesome review and video!!!

  22. Chris

    Can i get 120hz and tick variable refresh rate with this monitor? Because it just arrived and after hooking it up I cannot. HELP!?

  23. Sudipta Kashyap

    Please help me out does it support 144 hz over hdmi i have a hdmi 2.0 port on my laptop

  24. Squeegy1

    Beetles 😂🤣

  25. Alex Perera

    Hi, i am new to gaming from my xbox to my pc monitor. i purchased this monitor but the 24 inch. when i plug in my xbox to the monitor (with the hdmi cord), the screen is telling me that there is no signal. is there anything else i need to do?

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