ULTIMATE Smartphone FAST Wireless Charging Test (15W vs 27W vs 30W)

This is the Ultimate Wireless Charging Test with the fastest phones you can get right now. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G, OnePlus 8 Pro, Huawei P40 Pro and …


  1. avishek samadder

    Great video really helpful

  2. Lover Of Tech

    Last time you did a video like this it did well. Nice one

  3. Even Johan

    where is Mi 10 Pro camera comparison video ?

  4. Danny Winget

    Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro vs OnePlus 8 Pro vs S20 Ultra Camera comparison coming soon! Which one of these phones would you pick and why?

  5. Stanley.M

    Huaweï already has all the alternatives to Google! (Please like to people see)

    You can buy Huawei, it's already recommendable, don't make fun of it and it's very secure. Here is the list of what Huawei is currently replacing:

    – Google Assistant / Huawei Celia Assistant
    – Google Duo / Meetimes
    – Gmail / Email
    – Google Drive / Huawei Drive
    – Google Maps / HERE WE GO
    – Google Chrome / Internet browser / Qwant (you can also download Chrome if you wish)
    – Play music / Huawei Music
    – Playstore / AppGallery or Apkpure (downloadable from the Internet)
    – Google Calendar / Huawei Calendar
    – Google Photo / Huawei Cloud
    – Google Note / Huawei Note
    – Google Video / Huawei Video
    – Google Weather / Huawei Weather

    And the icing on the cake is that all these applications work with the central link that is the HUAWEI ID. In other words, Huawei already has its ecosystem with their Huawei Mobile Services which already work on its smartphones released from 2015.

  6. Jae Grizzly kicks


  7. Pratyush Sharma

    Bought Oneplus 8 pro. Although I don't use wireless charging but good to know it will not fail me in 2020.

  8. Booredatwork.com

    Sweet charging! All that power

  9. Mat Kobar

    Do all off these phones get really warm during wireless charging?
    And glad to see you have Mi 10 Pro. I expect deep camera and overall phone review.

  10. OmGTechFreak

    How much time will Oneplus 8 Pro take if charged using Mi 30W wirless charger and vice versa?
    Can you please make a video on it as Mi 30W charger is 50% cheaper than Oneplus wirless Warp charger.

  11. Ezaldeen Lampard

    Actually nice results for oneplus and Xiaomi

  12. Jim McNevin

    I have the Mi 10 Pro, as well as, the Samsung 15 watt charger. It works fine with that for over night charging and the battery lasts me easily throughout the day, so….

  13. Sharan M

    Apple really needs to step up…

  14. Rock Kharayat

    Is wireless charging does make any sense 😂😂

  15. Kosret Ebdulrehman

    Danny will you do any camera comparison for Oneplus 8?

  16. Mohamad 13

    If you put the xiaomi mi 10 on 10 w wireless charging it will charge with the full 10 w ?



  18. james turner

    Yeah but if you turn all the phone John and I don't have the same stuff on every phone in to charge differently

  19. james turner

    Turn every phone off then we can really feel the fast as full as multi would charge that from wouldn't off not all it charges faster when it's off

  20. james turner

    Charge all the phones when they're off they charge faster and then it's a better charging experience and it's fair charge and when they're on they have different things on them so they are not going to change the same way

  21. AB Aldo Payardu

    Does Xiaomi charger work at 30W for OnePlus 8pro? Xiaomi charger is half the price of OnePlus charger.

  22. Those Who Bully Are Cowards

    Sup Mister Winget and everyone

  23. Shahil Huda

    Do water test please!💓

  24. Mustafa Bashar

    You have to do a redo when huawei's 40 watt wireless charger drops out

  25. Gurleen Singh

    gr8 vdo bro

  26. iam_Khizz

    Close to 500 subs baby 😩😩🥰🥰🥰

  27. Derrick Torres

    Please do a speaker comparison too.

  28. Kyd Sprizzle

    Yes One Plus is a beast of a phone. I had it for a while the fast charge is superb. Refresh rate and screen is beautiful.

  29. Lukas Dvorok

    Would be interesting to see temperature during wireless charging.

  30. Jeekshith Shetty

    Shouldn't you use the new 40W wireless charger for Huawei P40 Pro? I guess that would give you the best results…

  31. Legions Gaming

    Why are you praising Samsung S20 Ultra???
    It is worst… Looking at that price perspective…

  32. Everything With Anirudha

    But huawei did launched 40W wireless charger

  33. Techsthetic

    Galaxy is always better than Oneplus

  34. David Morrison

    Too bad you can't buy the OP wireless charger anywhere lol

  35. s B

    Please make camera comparison between one plus 8 pro vs k 30 pro zoom vs mi 10 pro

  36. Dev Mittal

    Does oneplus 8 pro charge at 30w on Mi charger?

  37. traveling alone

    Why you not review mi 10 pro


    Samsung the best❤❤❤

  39. Habeeb Rehman

    How much time taken for one plus 8 pro in Mi wireless charger
    Please reply

  40. Suju gs

    My wireless charger never reached 50% in 30 min it's only reaches 27-30% is there any problem with the charger please reply

  41. Andy Milne

    does any of the wireless chargers with the stands as I am in a wheelchair and I can't always reach the floor on them support the Huawei p30 pro if you could let me know that would be great if possible could you put a link down in the description many thanks

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