The Dumbest Smartphone?! – Durability Test!

Sometimes people yearn for the simple life. And that simple life… can be expensive. This ‚Light Phone 2‘ is a very expensive $300 minimalist smartphone.


  1. Mushfiq Mahmud

    teardown and durability at the same time for the first time maybe_ 🙂

  2. Ankesh

    The future of Burner Phones?


    i think this phone is for Tom not for you Jerry…. 😂😂😂😂

  4. Christian Luczejko

    Only phone I've ever been comfortable, dare I say, enjoyed you destroying.

  5. Cookin Aaing’s style

    The Apple Watch se is better than this cuz both are $300

  6. H-M Raps

    $300 for a brick phone with a touchscreen💀

  7. chinmay walinjkar

    I think 100 dollars is a fair price for this

  8. Filip Popovic

    300, yeaaa-no. Maybe 40 bucks…

  9. Danny Brown

    How dare they charge that for this. Unreal

  10. shrkzu

    bruh how this shit costs 300 bucks 😭

  11. J E

    For $300 that's insane… You can baby a Samsung A51 for like 250

  12. Foam Flinging HS

    just like a little lego

  13. Tanmay Nangare

    Buy nokia 1200

  14. Alex Wilson-Razzell

    $300 for a tiny kindle that can make phone calls… No thanks…

  15. eri

    Just get a flip phone for like 10 bucks if you want a dumb phone. This is for idiots who have too much money.

  16. Adam Julian

    dumbest smartphone? you mean Dumbphone?

  17. Shashank Kuril

    dumbest phone durability test!(gone teardown)

  18. Md kashif Imam

    I want this phone 💯💯

  19. ahimbibwe robson

    I saw this coming🤣🤣

  20. Christian Dave Artates

    Hey Jerry, i hope you'll notice me. Im from the philippines. Hope you'll help me fix my galaxy s8. But dont have budget for screen repacement. Huhuhu send help.

  21. Zsófi Papp

    I'd rather just buy a nokia if I needed a "dumb" phone

  22. Icebound Glaceon

    I feel like a company should make an e ink display music player that has a really long battery life. not a fan of the old mp3 players or walkmans

  23. Rocky Gautam

    1st fireproof phone (dumbphone).

  24. Anuradha Kamat


    Jight 2 : Only for humans

    Aliens : Dammmm

  25. Bubble X

    This is one way to waste 300$

  26. Tsukiyomi

    Dumbphone are evolving

  27. Happy Boi

    Bruh this phone for 300$ thats absurd i would rather buy poco’s 190$ phone which has almost everything todays phone needs

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