Test Monitor Dell P2317H 23 inch and Dell USB SoundBar AC511

Tech Specs Display Size 23″ Resolution 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz Aspect Ratio (16:9) Panel Type In-Plane switching Technology IPS Backlight Technology LED …


  1. Danusorn Kuptanon

    sound bar เท่าไหร่

  2. Simon Ádám

    is the adapter built in the monitor? do i only need a "simple" power cable?

  3. MIRANA NiceArrow


  4. Özgün Demir

    how do you like it?Thinking of buying one of these soon. Are the colors vibrant and clear?

  5. Ivan Z.

    is it good for gaming?

  6. Topside27

    Run the USB cable directly to the back of the computer, not the monitor. This creates a direct link and will have less susceptibility to any distortion. It also has a cord management ring integrated into to cable to put your cords through for a clean look with the cables running behind the monitor.

  7. Nore Love Chii

    มีแบบ 21.5" หรือ 22" ไหมครับ

  8. PointBlank00

    Does it have headphones socket?

  9. vicky anime fan

    69 likes and dislikes

  10. Brian

    didn't understand even one word lol, nice review

  11. Orion Beside

    i only understand "u con tintin"…

    Btw i like your video ! cheers

  12. Matheus Barfknecht

    This video is useless in this language

  13. Etheric Messenger

    I dont fuckin get it .. how do you put the damn title in english but speak something completely different!?

  14. The Patriot Marine

    English dude, English!! Someone needs to make a video on How To Filter Out Videos With A Foreign Language. or this paving the way to the NWO?

  15. Alonso Martii

    ¿Que dices? Pon el subtítulo en Tagalog.

  16. matthew ozga

    sum ting wong…
    no subtitles!

  17. Antoniocc


  18. Mitsaras

    it is possible to put 2 equals and I know that I hear the 2 instead of one not that only one is heard

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